Cashback sites are websites which pay you cashback rewards for your online shopping. There are tons of cashback websites to choose from but they all help you earn a percentage of what you spend shopping as cashback. Many cashback sites give you a bonus just for signing up. In addition, you can earn extra money by referring friends. Some popular cash back sites include Ebates, Shop at Home, Mr. Rebates and Big Crumbs.  


How Much Money Can You Save With Cashback Sites? 

Each online store has different percentages but they usually pay between 1% and 20-30% of what you spend. Many cash back websites have online coupons and special deals that you can take advantage of also. Some websites pay the cashback via check, and others give you options such as PayPal or a prepaid credit card to get your cashback.  


How do you use cashback websites?

As an example, lets say you plan on using the cashback site Ebates and shopping at Barnes & Noble. Ebates pays 6% cashback at Barnes & Noble. 

1. Compare cashback sites and figure out which one is the best for you. In this case, you will use Ebates.

2. Log on to Ebates, or the website of your choice. 

3. Find the store you would like to shop at on Ebates. Click on the link to that online store. This logs your shopping trip so that you can receive your cashback.  Once you click on the link you will be redirected to the online store you clicked on, Barnes & Noble. 

4. Once you are on the Barnes & Noble website, shop for what you want and then head to checkout. You will checkout and pay as your normally would. 

5. After shopping, your cashback reward will show up in your cashback site account (in this case in your Ebates account). This process can take hours or up to a couple of weeks. If you spent $100 (not including shipping and taxes) at Barnes & Noble, you would be receiving a $6 reward back in your Ebates account.

6. When you have reached the minimum to be mailed a check (or another payment method that you choose), you can request it from the cashback website. At Ebates,you can request a check as soon as you have earned $5.01. Every cashback website has different rules, so looking at a cashback site comparison is helpful.


Refer Friends to Earn More Money on Cashback Sites

The other way to earn money with cashback sites is by referring friends. Most cashback websites have bonuses if your friends sign up and make any purchases. Some cashback sites give you $5 or $10 for referring friends. Others give you a percentage of their cash back savings! Either way--you earn money!

Cashback sites make saving money while you online shop easy. Sometimes with these discounts it can make shopping online cheaper than shopping in the store. It's helpful to compare cashback websites to see where the best deal is, depending on the store you plan on shopping at. The money can really add up in your cash back account, especially when shopping for gifts at Christmas-time!

In conclusion, cashback sites are a great way to help you save money online. A couple simple steps, and you will be earning cashback on your online shopping. It's free and easy to do. Before you know it, you will be receiving cashback checks in the mail! Good Luck Cashback Shopping!