If you're in the market for cashflow positive property, you'll know that you probably won't find them through real estate agents. There are some little tips to finding cashflow positive gems which can be investment gems for your portfolio. They are easy to find, if you just use a little bit of creativity – and here's some tips on how to make it all happen.

Internet property searches

I just did a quick search of the internet and found a few cashflow positive properties for sale on a variety of websites. Some are on normal mainstream real estate sites, and others aren't. A lot of people don't look at sites which are based around the private real estate sale industry – and I can't for the life of me figure out why – there are some great deals on there right now! A growing amount of property transactions take place without real estate agents, between private parties – the vendor and purchaser, and this is an untapped resource for sourcing cashflow positive properties.

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Choose your area carefully

Investment properties which bring you an income from the date of purchase are fantastic investments as they pay for themselves, and that is the ideal place to put your money if you ask me. But you need to choose the location of your cashflow positive property carefully – and decent searches can really make a difference in saving you a lot of wasted time by looking at real estate in areas where the rental return isn't that great. Look on investment property websites or in industry magazines in order to quickly find out some areas in which to look for real estate for your investments.

Select your mortgage provider carefully

Some lenders are better than others, and this is especially true when talking of large loans such as for your investment property. Some lenders are flexible, others not, but the odds are that you will have a fair idea of what sort of loan you want when you go and begin researching the products available. Ideally you should select a loan product that gives you the freedom to make extra repayments on the loan as you wish – remember you'll have extra income from your investment. Take advantage of the fact that you have a good range of choices in securing the finance for your cashflow positive property and look towards the future when your property brings you in a regular amount of rental income for the benefit of you and your family. Makes me happy just writing about it. Enjoy!