Cashmere socks are the ultimate affordable luxury. If you have ever wanted to pamper yourself for a really small price try a pair of cuddly, comfortable cashmere socks for either yourself or as a classy gift. Warm, luxurious cashmere or cashmere blend socks are the one affordable luxury that is sure to please.

Why Cashmere?

Socks can be made from a number of natural and synthetic fibers or numerous combinations of both. Of all the fibers available, you just can not beat cashmere for either comfort or performance. Cashmere is the most expensive of the natural fibers but is also the superior choice for a cushiony sock which is both breathable and wicks moisture away from the foot. Due to these properties, cashmere socks are ideal for cold weather sports like skiing and snowboarding and skating. Hikers also use cashmere socks with a liner to wick the moisture away from the skin and avoid chaffing or blisters on longer hikes.

Cashmere is has one other quality that makes it a perfect choice for socks, it is softer than any other material on the foot while wearing well. Once you experience the comfort of cashmere socks you will never want to go back to a pair of cotton socks again. Cashmere bed socks and cashmere slipper socks are usually highly requested on most gift registrys due to their popularity.

Cashmere socks come in an array of styles and colors, from dress socks for men and women, cashmere bed socks, and cashmere leg warmers, and cashmere sport socks.

You can expect to see famous brands such as Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, Nautica, Betsey Johnson, Victoria's Secret, Tommy Hilfiger, and many others offering several cashmere socks each season. Fashion designers have long known that cashmere is a sought after gift and popular season after season, especially during the cooler winter months. In fact, most major designers include cashmere and cashmere socks in their fall and winter collections year after year for a reason, this portion of the line sells well every year.

How Much Do Cashmere Socks Cost?

Cashmere socks are not too expensive for most gift givers. Prices can range anywhere from $12- $78 per pair depending on the brand, percent of cashmere in the blend of the fabric, the style of the socks, and the time of the year you purchase. I have found cashmere socks on clearance online just after the holidays for as little as $8 per pair. You can save well over half the price of the sock just by looking around for a good sale when you plan to buy.