There are not many things that are more exciting than gambling. It's that rush you get when you risk something that does the trick. The funny thing is that even if you're not risking your own money, you still get a thrill from it. Perhaps it's the element of chance, or the amount of strategy you're putting into your wagers, or even the feeling that you might have figured out a way to beat a game where the house always wins.

So, you might be thinking, how do I find this type of entertainment without risking anything? Churches and other organizations run casino style fundraisers more than you think. While the casino money being used is fake, the attendees do bring real money, which is often used for food, drink and various other types of concessions. The organization running the event will often try to get as many people there as possible. The more people they get, the more money they make. As long as there is decent advertising and word of mouth, getting a good turnout should be relatively easy. It's highly pleasing entertainment.

The organizations that run these events correctly are going with a Las Vegas vibe. Some organizations think that just saying there will be 'free' gambling will bring people in. They'll get the gamblers, but not the general public. If they want the people that go to Las Vegas to see all the lights and shows, then they need to make their event resemble Las Vegas. This includes what the waiters and waitresses wear, what's put up on the walls, what type of tables they're using, etc. If they can please the non-gambling general public just because of the look and feel of the place, they're more likely to have another successful event down the road.

One key to these events is to make sure the players are playing for something. If a fundraiser is run correctly, the chips will have value either in the sense that they will win a prize at the end of the night if they've accumulated the most chips, or they can be used to buy raffle tickets. For example, $100 in play money buys one raffle ticket. Then, they raffle off prizes at the end of the night.

If you're interested in joining one of these events, just do an online search for Casino Style Fundraisers in your city.