World renowned Caspari has been producing Christmas cards for more than a generation. The cards are wonderful and unique and somewhat expensive. Generally available only in high-end shopping boutiques, the cards are quite distinctive. They feature semi precious metal foils, heavyweight linen papers, and design space upon the works of fine European artists.

Caspari was founded in 1945 when it began producing Christmas cards based upon famous works of well-known European artists. The cards were a tremendous success, and were soon followed by cards based upon famous European museum collections. Ultimately, the company began producing holiday cards which were no longer based upon works by famous artists, but which were original works designed by famous artists.

Caspari Christmas cards are highly collectible. They are produced in limited quantities each year. Themes change from year to year, from Christmas motifs to Santa themes to iconic representations of beloved holiday stories. In addition to their retail availability, Caspari cards are now also sold online. While some websites feature only new releases, others specialize in previous production runs. Caspari cards are somewhat expensive and, because they are produced in limited quantities, production runs from previous years typically increase in value.

Initially, Caspari products were sold only in retail locations, and only in high-end locations at that. For many years, they could only be purchased in the shopping meccas of Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale's and Le Bon Marche. They are now sold in many other retail locations, including signature Caspari stores in Paris, France and in the US. Internet sales have opened many additional markets for these products.

With increased sales comes a desire to expand and sell even more. Caspari felt this desire and expanded their original product line to include napkins, paper plates, party invitations, gift wrapping, housewares, and desk accessories.

Their wrapping papers, party invitations, napkins and paper plates are designed around color themes rather than patterns. This is somewhat unique, and allows Caspari party favors to be combined in an almost limitless number of combinations. Party hosts can be virtually assured that the combination of designs and colors that they choose for their social event will be unique. The use of clear address labels allows the colors of the invitation envelopes to show through beautifully.

30% of Caspari sales are in paper tableware products. The market for Caspari invitations, napkins, paper dinnerware and wrapping paper seems boundless. Many event hosts even go so far as to pair their own fine silverware with the disposable Caspari plates and napkins.

These party favors are not inexpensive. Caspari party invitations typically cost $4-$5 apiece. Caspari napkins, sold in packages of 20, run upwards of six dollars. The company does offer price breaks for large purchases. Although Caspari products are well designed and manufactured from quality materials, there is little doubt that the pricing is more a function of the Caspari name than of production costs or product quality. However, it is unlikely that consumers will turn away from the Caspari name any time soon. Provisioning a party with these extravagant favors is definitely seen as an indication of status.