Like all of us humans, houses can start to show their age after a while. What started out as a new property some years ago, suddenly starts to show its age and one place that this can cause a homeowner difficulties is in the window department.

Other parts or features of a residence can age and this can add to the charm and character of a residence, but your windows have to not only look well, but to perform also. Back when your home was first built; it is possible that nobody had such luxuries as uPVC windows installed in their homes. However nowadays if you look around your neighborhood, you will see that a large percentage of the properties in your area will have some sort of energy efficient window units in place.

One of the first things that you probably should do is to assess the state of your present windows. Depending on the weather conditions where you live and the care that you have lavished on your windows since they have been in your home, your windows could be in better or worse condition than the average.

If you find that the frames are in good repair and that you have been re-painting them frequently, you may be able to get away with considering replacing the old single glazing with double glazing. A lot of the heat lost from a home happens through the windows and most of this occurs due to inferior glazing.

That is not to say that badly fitted frames do not add to the problem and you should check not only that the timber in your frames is in good condition but also that there is not air leakage through the frames when the windows are closed. If your house suffers from draughts or cold spots you may well have this problem.

Depending on whether you decide to change just the glazing, or the entire window frame will have different financial implications. Obviously it will be much more expensive to have to install double glazed windows throughout your entire home.

Should this turn out to be the case, you should not be discouraged. It has been shown that homeowners who do have uPVC windows installed recoup the financial outlay over a period of time. This happens because energy efficient windows make the home much more efficient and better insulated, as well as making it a more comfortable place to live. So by having these windows installed homeowners are able to reduce dramatically the amount that they spend on heating oil in a given month and this over time more than pays for the cost of the windows.