More and more people are aware of the importance of cooking healthy food. It is common knowledge of the dangers of using aluminium cookware.  I know for a fact that for years that’s all our grandparents and parents ever used.

They did not have the benefits of modern technology that is available to everyone these days, so they used what was available.

Universal Housewares Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Camping 5-Quart Dutch Oven
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The lid on this is important because the upturned edge stops the ashes from falling into your dinner. Avoid the down curve lid. Also the three bits on top of this lid will allow you to place another pot or billy can on top while dinner is cooking.
Price is reasonable and it will last you a lifetime. Read instructions for seasoning this camp oven.

Cast Iron Cookware

These are ideal for the campfire cooking

Yes cast iron cookware has been used by thousands of people travelling in the outback or as they travelled on wagons discovering new territories to settle. They could not pack their stoves in the back of a wagon so they relied on the big heavy cast iron pot to cook everything.

Anyone can cook in a cast iron Dutch oven, otherwise known as a camp oven these days just like our pioneers did way back then.

Personally I have used my Dutch oven for twenty years. It goes everywhere with us in our caravan. We have cooked using this Camp oven in a variety of ways; on top of the BBQ, on the gas stove and in the gas oven and of course best of all in the hot coals on an open fire.

The beauty of cooking in a Dutch oven is as the name suggests it is an oven. Therefore you can cook anything in this that you can cook in your home oven.

I have cooked roasts, stews, soups, scones, bread and butter puddings, custards, damper and bread and also used it to heat the water for a bath when our shower failed. I have even cooked poached and scrambled eggs in my Camp Oven.

It has never failed me yet, the only problem with it when using on an open fire is learning how to gage the heat of the hot coals. Different types of wood will produce different heat temperatures.

In my opinion the only thing against the cast iron cookware is the weight of it. If you have weak wrists then you will need to be careful as they are heavy.

Lodge L8DOT3 Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Meat Rack/Trivet, 8-inch
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This makes cooking easier. It will prevent meat or cakes from burning or sticking on the bottom. When cooking scones or cakes I place a metal ring under this to lift it away from the hot base.

Enamel Cast Iron Cookware

Why would you buy the enamel cast iron cookware?

  • Because it looks so much better than the old black cast iron ones.
  • And yes you can still cook what ever you choose or like to cook
  • People are more aware of the importance of eating healthier food and the food is better when cooked in these.
  • Because they are coated with a good layer of enamel that is baked over the metals.
  • This avoids chemicals coming into contact with our food like the dangers of cooking in Aluminium pots have done over the years.
  • Because these look so good you can cook in them and place on table to serve from
  • Then you can store food in the refrigerator overnight and reheat the next day
Le Cuistot Heritage Oval Dutch Oven 7.5 Qts - 2 Tone Light Blue
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(price as of May 11, 2015)
This enamel coating on these makes it look great to served at the table and does not react to the food which means its safe to store food in the fridge.

It is available in a variety of colors and sizes of your choice.

Selecting your enamel cast Iron Dutch Oven

Le Cuistot Heritage enameled Cast iron Cookware

From my research taken from reading many articles and forums of good and bad experiences and speaking to people buying enamel cookware I have to agree that the Le Creuset Cookware would have to be the best choice to buy.  Although these are more expensive they are being used in more and more restaurants by their top chefs.

When looking for an enamel Dutch oven I would suggest that you choose one with high sides which will allow you to cook large roast chickens or lamb roasts.  Low sides would restrict what you can cook in them. These also come in a variety of colors.


Think before buying

If you have to watch what you spend; then look at the pots you are using now and visualise cooking a large chicken in them.  Would a 5 qt be large enough?

It would be a waste of money buying a 5qt Dutch oven if you could not fit your roast leg or big stew for 20 people in it.  This could save you having to buy two Dutch ovens.  Another point to remember is that these pots are heavy when empty so once you add your food it will be much heavier to lift.

Prices for these range from $150.00 Dutch oven to $350.00 French oven at Amazon.

Texsport Campfire Tripod
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(price as of May 11, 2015)
These are ideal when cooking with a camp oven or to hold the Billy for that cuppa. The tripod chain can be altered to hold food higher or lower depending on heat of fire.

Lodge Enamel Dutch Ovens

Lodge has been around for a long time and have proved by customer reports that their Dutch ovens are robust enough for any kitchen. They come in Apple green, liberty blue and Patriot Red depending on the size you choose.

These look so great you can cook your meal then serve straight from the pot as it looks like other serving dishes.

These are ideal to use on stovetops, or in the oven but not suitable for open fire cooking. The inside cooking surface is FDA approved so no need to season the surface.

Food in the Lodge Dutch ovens can be placed in the refrigerator and returned to be heated on top of the stove the next day.

These are cheaper; Prices range from $50.00 to $150.00 at Amazon.


Which ever brand or type of Dutch oven you buy you should check it thoroughly to make sure there are so signs of poor finishing. Check to make sure there are no chips in the enamel or cracks in the finish.

If you are unlucky enough to find a fault in the product contact the store you bought it from as soon as possible.

The beauty (not in appearance) but best one to use for camp fires is a black camp oven or Dutch oven because once seasoned you can take it and use it anywhere at all.  And the meal that you can cook in these is superb.  If you can afford it I would buy a cheap cast iron one for camping and then an Enamel cast iron one to use in your kitchen. That way you can enjoy both types of indoor and outdoor cooking with a cast iron dutch oven.

Lodge L Series E6D40 Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven, Patriot Red, 6-Quart
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(price as of May 11, 2015)
These can be used on the stove top and in the oven. Food can be served direct to the table and then remaining food can be stored in the fridge.
They have great heat retention and have even cooking. The enamel surface mean no need to season the surface.

Cook a Stew in Camp oven

The simplest meal to cook is a stew. This is how I make mine

First you start by pouring yourselves a drink whether a beer, wine or water, the choice is completely yours.

 Lamb Stew and dumplings


  • 500grams diced lamb or meat of choice
  • 2 carrots chopped
  • 2 sticks Celery chopped
  • 2 potatoes dices
  • 1 onion
  • Plus any left over vegetables and seasoning of your choice. I like a curry or add garlic.


Place camp oven on hot coals. Add small quantity of oil and brown the onions. Take them out and brown the meat. Then Add 2 cups of water add all vegetables and seasonings and place lid on. Now get your husband to add some hot ashes onto the lid. Now your job is virtually done.

Pour another drink and relax. Sorry you have to make the normal scone mix (I add some mustard to the flour) Add these to stew when cooked for ten minutes lift the lid and throw in the dumplings. Leave another 5 minutes. Then serve.

The best part of cooking in a camp oven or Dutch oven is you only have one pot to wash up, and use paper plates and throw them in the fire. Pretty cool way to cook eh, with not much to wash up at all.

Tip for cleaning burned or blackened pots: When camping in the bush pots and pans are easy to clean by rubbing the outside in the sand. That will remove the black from the fire.  If you do burn your meal after too many drinks at the happy hour then just add sand to the pot and use a scourer and it will come back nice and shiny. Beware of the heat on the handles if using saucepans over heat, they will burn.


Beware: Before lighting any fire make sure that there is no wind nor any dried grasses that can catch alight. Once you have finished with your camp fire make sure you cover it with sand or rocks so it cannot reignite.

Dangers of hot ashes.  Hot ashes can still burn bare feet even after 3 days. They may look like old fire ashes but can stay hot under the surface. So always use caution.


If you are looking for a different type of non stick cookware Review: Stonedine/Scanpan Review