CastleVille Video Game Crops and Animals Guide

In the CastleVille video game on Facebook you can grow and harvest many different crops just like you are used to doing in Farmville. These game crops are used to craft many different things. You can then take these items in the video game and use them to build various structures or use the items you craftto help you complete various game quests.

Animals in the CastleVille video game also play an important role. Once each animal has grown to an adult they are harvested for coins, experience and special items unique to that animal. For example the sheep produce wool which you use in the CastleVille studio to make wool thread and other wool related recipes. In this guide we’ll examine the crops and animals and the items they produce in the video game by Facebook game developer Zynga. The company has been making Facebook games for some time and this is their best  game to date.

CastleVille Animals

CastleVille AnimalsCredit: Author image

In the game animals produce various items which help you finish the wide assortment of recipes found in the crafting buildings. Get yourself a dozen or so of each animal so you have enough game items to complete the recipes.  Animals MUST be raided to adult before they will produce anything. Click on them to feed the animal and after several feedings they will grow to youth, then adult. Note that there are many holiday and other themed animals offered periodically that don’t give any game resources. This guide will be updated as new animals that produce items are released in the game.

You’ll need quite a few various animals so get some fences so they don’t wander all over the place. Sheep, cows and chickens are needed the most in the beginning. Peacocks are very annoying since they take forever to grow and produce more red feathers than blue feathers so you’ll need quite a few of these birds and you’ll end up selling a great deal of the red feathers. You cana save energy by allowing your Facebook friends playing the game to harvest these animals for you. Only harvest them when you need to items so you don’t burn out your energy supply too often.

  • Chickens –eggs and chicken meat.
  • Cows –milk and cow hides.
  • Sheep –wool.
  • Peacocks- red and blue feathers.
  • Geese –down feathers.
  • Pigs –meat.
  • Mink ­–mink oil

CastleVille Crops

In the beginning of your game produce a lot of grapes since these only take 5 mins to produce. Cotton and wheat are crops you’ll use very often so always try to have some of these crops growing at all times.   Many of the studio items require cotton so it’s by far the crop you should have the most of at least in this early stage of the game’s growth. Other crops may come around later on and be more important than cotton. Another important crop is flax which you need for flax oil.  You’ll need this oil for some of the royal castle buildings. Try to harvest plenty of flax as well as wheat. The other crops you can produce as you need them.

  • Farm Plot – use to plant a crop.
  • Grapes – makes grapes.
  • Flax – produces flax which is made into flax oil.
  • Carrots – makes carrots.
  • Wheat – produces wheat used in various recipes.
  • Tomato – makes tomatoes.
  • Cabbage – produces cabbage.
  • Cotton – makes cotton used in many recipes.
  • Cocoa – produces cocoa for chocolate.
  • Corn- makes corn.
  • Oat – produces oats.
  • Chili Pepper – produces chili peppers.
  • Potato – makes potatoes.
  • Strawberry – produces strawberries.

Crafting in the CastleVille Video Game

Crafting in this game is quite easy with these items. Just make sure you have a studio, kitchen, and CastleVille workshop building. You can look at each recipe and it tells you exactly how many of each item you need to start crafting that item. Whatever items you don't use are placed in your inventory and you can save these to use in your game for later or sell them to gain some game coins. As the game develops Zynga will probably release more crafting items so check this CastleVille crops and animals guide for updates on a regular basis and have fun playing the CastleVille video game on Facebook.  Game companies like Zynga continue to add better games to the social networking site as social networking video game development gets more advanced with games such as CastleVille.