CastleVille Game Guide

In CastleVille you’ll start out with some bare land. As you play you’ll meet other characters such as Yvette who will give you quests. One of your first quests is to build a home for Yvette. You can do this by collecting logs and rocks from around the open area where you start your game from. These initial quests are very easy; you just need to follow the simple instructions. Once you finish building the house you’ll get to name your new kingdom and start some more quests. Buildings provide both coins and experience as you play the game much like Zynga’s other game CityVille. In the game you’ll also get to raise animals such as chickens and earn coins and other items from them. By visiting Facebook friends or game characters you’ll earn coins and reputation hearts by completing tasks. In this game you can use your reputation hearts to buy items from the marketplace so it pays to visit your friends often and collect hearts.

CastleVille Game Guide: The Characters

As you play you’ll also open up new areas that are covered in “gloom.” To do this you’ll need to expand your castle with walls and other castle items. This will raise your castle level and allow you access to other areas and new characters such as Rafael who appears in the beginning of your game. Like other Zynga games, you can hit the full screen toggle and get a better view of your new kingdom. Be sure to keep mining rocks and cutting trees to have enough room for all your new structures such as a house for Rafael. New quests appear to the side as you play and you can do them in whatever order you wish.

Build Your New CastleVille Kingdom

Click the design mode button to help place items in your new kingdom. For example if you misplace a farm plot and want to move it somewhere else just click on the move button and you’re set. You can also rotate and sell items you no longer want. After you do a few quests you’ll need to start clearing out debris to make room for new structures. Buy royalty buildings to increase your castle points and open up more of the “gloom” areas on the map. The maiden’s tower is one of the first castle style buildings you’ll have and you need three Facebook friends to man the structure and make it operational. At level six you can build a barracks to increase your castle level.

Crops and Animals

Crops and animals in the game are used to harvest specific items for your kingdom. For example, you can harvest wool from sheep, or cotton from a cotton crop. Each of these items are used in special crafting building to make make new items such as cotton thread, or wool thread. These items then go into larger recipes and you can construct even more game items. When your friends visit your game they can harvest crops and animals for you as well as perform other tasks on your farm.  You'll use energy points to harvest items in your game.


The game features a number of quests you can complete which will bring you rewards in the game. Quests appear to the left on your game screen and you'll receive more as you play. Be sure to check the game often because new quests are released ona periodic basis. Some quests will grant you specific rewards such as an item for your game or a special building. The quests also follow a story with more revealed as you play and discover more of the characters.


Expand your realm by collecting exploration crystals from the creatures in the game or you can ask for them from Facebook friends playing the game.  Refine the crystals in the workshop and once you have enough you can expand to new areas provided you also have enough castle points and game coins available.

Enjoy CastleVille

this is one game you'll enjoy if you like Zynga games in general. It follows many of the same game play as their other games but it looks quite good and it's fun to play. More updates to the game are appearing all the time so the content will just increase and you'll have more game play options in CastleVille on Facebook.