Facebook application developer Zynga have d0ne a good job with CastleVille. The Wizard’s Keep is one of the better structures in the CastleVille video game on Facebook is one of the higher end castle buildings for your kingdom that you can own. This structure requires quite a few building materials before it’s ready for use.

Before you begin to build the Wizard’s keep you should collect plenty of stone from rocks or better yet ask for it from Facebook friends. You’ll need this in abundance to complete the keep in the CastleVille video game on Facebook.

The keep costs 150,000 coins and provides your kingdom with 300 castle points and 3000 coins each time you harvest from it. It’s a good idea to build another one once you can afford it since the coins and castle points are worth it. You can use the extra castle points to expand your kingdom and uncover more of the “gloom"areas in the CastleVille video game.

Requirements for Building the Wizard’s Keep in CastleVille
 The requirements are 8 stone blocks, 13 gold bricks, 10 down feathers, and 2 cogs. Get the stone from from mining rock or from Facebook friends. You can turn your stone blocks into gold bricks from your workshop and meet the gold brick requirements. Get yourself some geese and feed them until they are adults to harvest the down you need. Build the clockmaker structure and make some cogs in the studio to fulfill the final requirement for the Wizard’s Keep structure in the CastleVille video game. You need to build the clockmaker building before you can make the cogs for the keep. Get started building this structure and fuel your Facebook addiction for CastleVille.

Building the Clockmaker Structure in CastleVille

To make cogs for the wizard’s keep in CastleVille you’ll need to build the clockmaker structure. Collect 10 wood planks, 15 stone blocks, 1 angle finder, and 5 iron bars. The clockmaker takes quite a few materials so you’ll need plenty of wood and stone before making the materials for this structure. Some of these materials such as the iron bars take a considerable amount of game time to complete in the workshop so you should craft them overnight and then put the clockmaker together once you have all the materials. The clockmaker needs to be built before you attempt the Wizard’s Keep because you need the cogs for final construction of your keep. 

General Crafting Tips for Royal Buildings

In your kingdom you can build more than one royal building of each type to get more castle points but they all have different requirements. You need considerable amounts of stone and wood for most structures so make sure you produce plenty of wood planks and stone blocks in your kingdom. Once you run low you should make these items as time permits. Collect extra wood and stone when you visit Facebook friends by chopping down trees or collecting rocks in their kingdoms.

 In the marketplace you can buy extra rocks and trees to place in your kingdom for harvesting. Let your Facebook friends harvest these so you don’t waste your energy points. Some items you can receive as gifts from Facebook friends so check in your crafting buildings before building the item. This can save you time when it comes to completing your structures in the CastleVille video game.

Watch For New Castle Buildings

Since CastleVille is quite new there should be some new structures in the game at some point. Keep collecting crafting items so you’ll be set for the new structures.  Visit the Zynga forums often since you may get hints as to what is coming next in the game. Enjoy building the wizard’s keep in the CastleVille video game on Facebook. Zynga continues to be one of the leading game companies on Facebook with another great title in CastleVille.

CastleVille Game Update

CastleVille now includes the new guard tower, the Viking mining camp, and the beastie laboratory strutures. More strutures shouild start appearing in the CastleVille video game as it continues to grow on Facebook. Look for guides for thes enew structures to appear soon on this site. Have fun with Facebook gaming and the  CastleVille video game on Facebook. Who knows that Facebook game developers Zynga will come up with next.

CastleVille Wizard's Keep Screen Shots

Completed Wizard's KeepCredit: author
Wizard's Keep