Castle Clash

Castle Clash is a new game that involves a lot of strategy and has a nice concept to it. You basically are the Commander of an empire and have to increase the might of your empire. To do that you have to gather Gold, Mana, Honor badges, Shards and Diamonds, which you can do in many ways throughout the game. Shards and Diamonds can be used to buy heroes.

Here's a tip, never use your diamonds for anything but hiring heroes, unless you want to buy loads of diamonds for real money. You can spend them to speed up the process of your building upgrades or speed up other things in the game but on the long run, you will regret it because the more diamonds you have the more Heroes you can hire (or roll) in the Heroes Altar.

The reason you want to roll more is to collect all the legendary heroes since they are the most powerful characters in this game. I have been able to get only 3 till now The Paladin, Thunder God and the Druid but the search for the rest of them is still on!

Castle Clash - My empire

There are loads of heroes in this game and they're categorized as per their rareness and how powerful they can be. All of them have talents and powers and they play an important part in the game. You can also create your own troops, they are all hired in Army camps for a certain amount of Mana each and you can upgrade your troops levels to unlock better troops. 

Here's another tip, never buy the Druid, you'll get him free of cost after 30 days of logging in.

Castle Clash Heroes - 1 Castle Clash Heroes - 2

The strategy part comes in on the maps you have to create your own empire and set it up in a way that makes it difficult for anyone to defeat you. You get various buildings, vaults and walls to set up your empire and bombs to set booby traps for enemy troops.

The trick is to keep all your heroes together and near your defensive buildings and they become really tough to beat. You can also save 3 different map versions of your empire and load whichever one you want or experiment with them to get better results. You can apply different strategies on every map, see pictures below:

Castle Clash - Different Maps Castle Clash - Edit mode

You can find many strategies to set up your maps if you just google it, you'll see players have posted up pictures of their own empires.

At first there were only battles between players and you could do a few dungeon maps but now they have introduced even more things for players to do. There are new battles in the game called Here be monsters, in which your base is attacked 5 times in a row and you have to survive that to get some nice rewards and shards. Shards are really hard to come by and can be earned with Here be monsters daily and only in the dungeons otherwise.

There's also the Hero battle, where 3 legendary heroes attack your base and if you defeat them you get honor badges or diamonds. 

Castle Clash - HBM Victory

Throughout, this game has been quite addictive and I'd really love to collect all these heroes, the diamonds though the developer of this game has been quite nice to keep giving for free from time to time, I still think if someone wants to collect all the rare heroes they will have to spend a little real money and buy some diamonds, which is I guess how they make money from it.

There are still new features coming up in it, like a daily boss fight, you can only do this if you are a part of a guild. I joined a guild recently, the players are really nice and they help you out with the game as well. I really liked the concept and the cute little graphics in Castle Clash and it is one of the few games I enjoy playing.