Should I get Immortep or Grizzly Reaper

One of Castle Clash's newest heroes is Immortep.  I see the question asked all the time which hero you should purchase, Immortep or the Grizzly Reaper(GR).  Both cost around the same amount of hero shards and both have their advantages and disadvantages.  This article will explain why you should chose one over the other and explain some of the best talents.

Reason to choose Immortep over Grizzly Reaper

Immortep is killer in the Here Be Monsters(HBM) quest. Immortep's skill is called Storm of Seth(SoS). SoS surrounds Immortep in a blender like area of effect spell that can hit and stun things around him. This skill can hit units, buildings and walls. In raids this is a little unpredictable since it has the same chance to hit a wall and be less effective as it does of hitting a unit. In HBM you are defending and it is not possible to hit buildings are walls. Storm of Seth will hit nothing but units which means extreme damage output. The first time SoS hits a unit it will stun the unit for 1 second. If Storm of Seth hits the unit again it will not stun a second time. At rank 1 Storm of Seth does 120% damage and stuns for 1 second. At rank 9 Storm of Seth does 280% damage but the stun never increases.

Immortep has higher hit points than the GR with about 6000 hitpoints higher at level 180. Immortep is far faster than the GR. The GR will out damage Immortep by way of normal attacks though.

The best talents for Immortep are Berserk, Revitalize, Bulwark and War God. Berserk will allow Immortep to constantly have his skill active. His main damage comes from this skill so having it active more often means extremely high damage output. Revitalize is good for arena but only decent for HBM or raiding. Bulwark and War God are good for extra damage and the extra health.

Video of Immortep in HBM F

Reason to choose Grizzly Reaper over Immortep

The Grizzly Reaper(GR) shines more in raids and dungeons. The Grizzly Reaper's skill is called Soul Harvest. Soul Harvest at rank 1 does 180% damage to 2 units and returns 15% of damage dealt to your hit points. At rank 9 Soul Harvest does an incredible 280% damage to 6 units on the field and returns the same amount of health as rank 1. The advantage of the GR is that his skill only targets units. Any unit on the map can be hit by his skill. If you find an opponent that has buildings or wall on the field that are un-guarded, you can let the GR hit the wall and proc his skill to kill as many units as possible before actually engaging the enemy. His fast attack speed which is the fastest in the game means that he will proc his skill quite often. Combine the Grizzly Reaper with the Thunder God and you can clear the map of units without ever engaging them.

The best talents for the Grizzly Reaper are: Life Drain, Berserk, War God, Bulwark and Heavy Blow. With Life Drain the Grizzly Reaper is an almost unstoppable hero. His fast attack speed means he will be healing himself faster than the enemy can hurt him. Combine that with his skill and he is very difficult to kill. Berserk is a pretty good skill making his attack super quick and allowing more procs in a shorter amount of time. Heavy Blow is only really useful and recommended for boss fights. Having a fast attack speed means he will stun more often.

Both Immortep and Grizzly Reaper have there places. If you want to have the best hero for Here Be Monsters, I would take Immortep over the Grizzly Reaper. If you want to do better in raid and dungeons I would choose the Grizzly Reaper. One thing to think about is that HBM is the quickest way to get hero shards. Immortep will allow you to get far more hero shards in far less time. So getting Immortep first is a good idea simply because it will make farming hero shards much easier.

The Reaper pairs really well with the Thunder God.  Both have long range attacks that can hit any unit on the map.  If you place these heroes in the correct part of the map you can do a lot of damage before the enemy can even fight back.