Adelaide, a young girl who has spent her whole life in a monastery, suddenly finds herself catapulted into an adventure, an adventure like the ones she has always imagined. But real life is nothing like her imagination and soon the fairy tale becomes a nightmare.

Armed with a surprisingly powerful amethyst and aided by Dom, a boy she doesn't fully understand, Adelaide is chased around the country. Finding out she can release and control the most powerful magic in the world is only one of the surprises she is in store for.

Revelations about her true origins and her destiny since the day she was born mean that life will never be the same again. She has one job to do and as reluctant as she is to be a real life heroine she must do it, or let the rest of the world perish.


As a first novel from an unheard of author I found this book surprisingly interesting. Although I am not the intended audience, as the book is aimed at young teens, I was interested in the life of Adelaide and her friends and I wanted to know what would happen to them. The element of magic will, I am sure, attract the attention of it's target audience. I choose to read this book because of my interest in the Lake District, especially Castlerigg Stone Circle, where the dramatic events of this novel are set.

It being a first novel, there are obviously some flaws. The writing at times is a little juvenile and there are moments in the plot which may not be essential. However, the enjoyment of reading about Adelaide's journey overtakes this. It's not a serious book, it's a fun, easy way to pass the time. It does focus slightly on the issues young people face when growing up and coming to terms with themselves which makes parts of the story easy to relate to.

If you like books in a similar vein (Philip Pullman or any other young teen authors) then you will find something to enjoy in  this book. 



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