CastleVille Video Game

In the CastleVille video game by Zynga on Facebook you can make planks and other items in the game workshop. This game structure is the first crafting building you buy in the game and helps supply you with various parts for your CastleVille video game. Many of the video game items such as stone blocks and wood planks are building materials, while other workshop items such as the wooden club are weapons. You’ll need to collect plenty of stone and wood to keep your workshop operating at full speed as you play the CastleVille video game.

To increase your output you can build several workshops in your growing CastleVille kingdom. One could build just wood planks for example, while the other could concentrate on stone blocks. If you need more materials you’ll find trees and stones in the marketplace, just place them on your game map and you’ll have more stone and wood to work with. You’ll need to water trees for a bit before you can chop wood. Crafting is a very important part of this video game.

Building in the CastleVille Video Game

Let’s look at some of the items we can make in the CastleVille video game workshop. Some items aren’t filled in yet check back soon:

  • Angle Finder – Requires Quarry Workshop
  • Anvil - Time 9.0 hrs. (5 stone, 5 alchemist powder)
  • Bag of Nails -18.0 hrs. ( 1 iron bar, 1 leather, 10 reputation points)
  • Brick Oven - 3.0hrs. ( 2 stone block, 2 wood planks, 5 reputation points)
  • Collection Box – Requires Armory Building Contains Coins
  • Exploration Crystal – 1.5hrs. (3 Crystal Shards) Lets You Explore The Gloom
  • Fishing Bait – 14mins (1 gloom rat tail, 3 honey, 1 alchemist powder) Next Fishing Attempt Gives Better Loot
  • Gloom Goblin Potion - 12 hrs. ( 1 Gloom Goblin Ear, 6 Alchemist Powder,  7 Wool Thread,  5 Wood Log) Summons a Gloom Goblin
  • Gloom Rat Potion – 2.5 Hours (1 Gloom Rat Tail, 2 Milk Bottle, 3 Shells, 1 Alchemist Powder) Summons Gloom Rat

More Video Game Items

  • Gloom Thief Potion – 13 hrs. (1 Thief’s Cloak, 1 Iron Bar, 5 Stone, 2 Alchemist Powder) Summons Gloom Thief
  • Gloom Wolf Potion – 8.0 hrs. (2 Gloom Wolf Hair, 1 Chicken meat, 3 Silver Ore, 2 Alchemist Powder) Summons Gloom Wolf
  • Gold Brick – 1.5 hrs. (2 Stone Block, 4 Alchemist Powder)
  • Hammer – 2 hrs. (2 Wood Log, 2 Stone Block, 3 Reputation)
  • Horseshoe – Requires Quarry Blacksmith
  • Iron Axe – 13 hrs. 2 Iron Bar, 1 Grindstone)
  • Iron Bar – 9 hrs.  (3 Wood Log, 2 Iron ore)
  • Iron Pick – 18 hrs. (4 Wood Log, 1 Iron bar)
  • Keg – 22 hrs. (2 Iron Bar, 3 Wood Plank, 3 Alchemist Powder)

CastleVille by Zynga Workshop Part 3

  • Knife – 9 hrs. (1 Iron bar, 4 Wood Log)
  • Rope –  5 mins ( 5 Flax)
  • Stone Block  –  1 hrs. (6 Stone)
  • Super Chop – 24 hrs .(1 Iron Axe, 5 Alchemist Powder)
  • Supper Clobber - 3 hrs.( 5 Alchemist Powder, 1 Wooden Club)
  • Sword –15 hrs. (1 Iron Bar, 2 Leather, 3 Alchemist Powder)
  • Wood Club – 10 mins (5 Wood Log, 1 Alchemist Powder)
  • Wood Fence –  5 mins (2 Wood Log)
  • Wood Plank – 1 hrs. (6 Wood Log)
  • Work Bench – 24 hrs. (3 Wood Plank, 2 Bag of Nails)

How to Get Other Items in the Game

CastleVille Workshop

Some items from the workshop such as reputation points and alchemist powder can be picked up by visiting your Facebook friends playing the game. You can get crystal shards for exploration crystals as a gift for visiting your Facebook friends too.  Some items you’ll need plenty of include stone blocks, wood planks, and gold bricks to build some of the basic structures and royalty castle structures early on in the CastleVille video game.

Play CastleVille on Facebook

The CastleVille video game by Zynga is a great game to play and it features plenty of nice crafting features like the workshop or kitchen. Look for more guides to the various buildings in this game to come soon.