Bicycle touring in Italy is very popular. More and more companies are organizing bicycle tours of Italy where you get to ride your bicycle through 1 or more regions in Italy. You can also opt to travel solo without an organized group. One of the most popular ways bicycles have been implemented into the Italian culture is by renting them to tourists. You may like to ride a bicycle but not want to travel by bicycle going from town to town. Here are some tips on the art of riding a bicycle casually within a new town in Italy while on vacation.

Ride Casually

 Many times when we think of cycling in Italy we think of spandex wearing road cyclists. Although road cycling in Italy is very popular, so is casual riding. Take an old cruiser and ride around the town you are in. Ride down the back alleys and explore the Italian town you are in.

Dress like a Tourist

Often when people travel it is advised that they do not dress like a tourist. The goal when traveling is to normally try and blend in with your surroundings so you do not stand out. In Italy when you are riding a bicycle around it is ok to stand out and actually even encouraged. Overall the Italian people are very friendly and sociable and if they can tell you are a foreigner they will often go out of their way to help you and point out cool places you should cycle to.

Don’t overeat to far from your Hotel

Eating a lot of food in Italy is something that occurs to most if us when we get to travel to this splendid Country. The food is so much better than the Olive Gardens back home (and I love the Olive Garden). Although there is nothing wrong with eating too much when you  are in Italy on vacation you do need to learn when and how to do it properly.

As you are out and about exploring the town you will find numerous places to eat and get snacks. You need to eat and get fuel during the day when you are cycling but save you big meal for evening time. Wait until you get to a place near your hotel to go and eat a big meal or go back to the hotel and then take a taxi. If you eat a huge meal and then have to ride back a few miles to your hotel on a bicycle then you will feel the ill effects of cycling casually after you gave eaten too much food.

If you take a guided tour of Italy you will never have to worry about transportation. One of the more popular guided tours is the Amalfi Coast Tour that includes numerous popular Italian destinations including even a visit to Rome!


One of the most popular beverages to have with your Italian food is Wine. Italy is very famous for the wealth of great wines they provide. If you are cycling around you need to ensure you do not get drunk and then go out cycling. If you are riding your bike drunk in Italy then you are heavily endangering yourself.


The best tip for any cyclists in Italy is to visit the Vatican. If you get the chance to visit the Vatican then you need to take advantage of it. You do not need to be Catholic to enjoy the splendor of this Holy City. A guided Central Italy Tour wil give you the chance to see the best of the historic Central Italy and also get you to the Vatican. The benefits of a guided tour to Italy is often the most economical and stress-free way of traveling to Italy, especially for first time visitors. Even on a guided tour you can get some "alone time" that you can use to explore your area by bicycle if you choose too.