Relaxing at home, going to an 8 o'clock class, walking through the aisles of the PX, or attending an event, what you wear is often a reflection of your personality. There are so many companies out there now days that make clothing with sayings on them. These saying are anything from something political to something funny. We can't help but to look at people and notice what they're wearing. If you see someone wearing a shirt that has a pink ribbon on it and says "I love my little tatas", you know that that person is helping to support breast cancer awareness, while if you see someone wearing a shirt that says "Made in the 80's", you know that that person was born in the 1980s.

Being a family member of or a friend of our military is no different. If you wear a shirt that says "USMC" on it, or "US ARMY", you know that that person is either in said branch or knows someone serving currently or knows a veteran of that branch. Wearing a shirt that is military branch specific though, is much more than just wearing a shirt. You are wearing a shirt that has a meaning deeper than the face value of the shirt. Military shirts no matter how simple they may be speak like no other shirt. Our military is a family, all branches alike, they are one force. They've gone through the toughest training and have created friendships and bonds with each other that will stay with them for their lifetimes. Companies such as Forged Clothing, Inc. are places of business that were built on the very foundations of a brotherhood/sisterhood of the military.

When someone wears a shirt pertaining to the military, they are expressing that they know and understand the sacrifices that our veterans have made, our current military are making and the sacrifices that the future military personnel will make. They are saying I'm proud of my Soldier, Marine, Airman, Sailor and Coastie, they're saying "I will support them in all they do", and they're saying "I'm thankful that someone is willing to fight for my freedoms at any cost". Just by wearing military casual clothing, you are standing up for what you believe and you don't care who knows it. You are taking a stand in a world that is too busy worrying about and talking about politics that it's forgotten that there are people fighting each and everyday, overseas and stateside alike for the freedoms that we love so much. You are saying "Don't forget our heroes!"

It seems these days with the war and all, that people forget the fact that we have military stationed all over the world and they need support too, overseas and stateside. It seems so simple just to throw on a shirt or pair of pants and walk out the door without thinking about what you're wearing and the message you're sending. When you wear military casual clothing though, tee shirts, pants, jackets, etc., you're showing your pride and support and are a walking reminder that we need to remember those that fight for us, no matter where they may be. When you're in your support gear, take a few pictures and send them to your loved one(s) in the military, let them know you're thinking of them and are proud of them. It will put a smile on their faces and warm their hearts to know that they're thought about and cared about, and it will make you feel good too!

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