Women love to dress up for special occasions, especially wedding parties. There are, however, some weddings that do not require a dressed-to-kill outfit.

These are the informal daytime events that are usually held in a relaxed and laid-back setting such as the beach or a cozy garden. In these cases, it is important to know how to choose just the right casual wedding dress.

For the bride, a sexy, slinky slip-on dress is the best choice for a relaxed wedding affair -- this will perfectly convey the relaxed and breezy theme of the event.

A simple strapless dress or one with spaghetti straps would be perfect for the look you want to achieve. And sexy, strappy sandals will complete the get-up.

Bridesmaids will look pretty in pastel-colored, knee-high or mid-calf dresses and slim sandals. Guests, on the other hand, can come in soft floral summer dresses and sexy flip-flops. Choose light, refreshing colors for your dress and make sure the dress emphasizes your femininity and refrain from revealing too much skin.

Probably the best thing about wearing casual wedding dresses is that they often come with very affordable prices. You don't have to go to the usual wedding dress boutiques to look for your dress, since you can easily find them in any store selling party outfits.

If you're into the really simple, unadorned type of dress, you may even find some very elegant ones in discount stores. And since the mood of the event is casual, anyway, you can even wear your hair down to complete the relaxed and carefree look. Beauty, au naturelle!

You would be amazed at how much money you can save by wearing a casual wedding dress and having everyone go with informal attire. The clothing is one of the most expensive aspects of planning a wedding.

Think beach or luau theme and you can look great and be informal and have it go perfectly with your wedding theme. You don't even have to live by a beach to use it as a theme either.