Casualty is the word many British people call the accident emergency department of a hospital. Younger people may be more likelly to say A and E, but those who are a little older, will usually refer to Casualty. This is why, one of the UKs longest running hospital drama series, is called Casualty.


This BBC drama series is set in the Casualty department of fictious hospital, Holby City. The show runs each week, for just under an hour. From time to time there are longer specials. Each series may have up to 30 episodes and then the series takes a break for a month or two.

Casualty was first shown on British Television screens in 1986. The programs longevity means that, currently, it is the world's longest running hospital drama series. Casualty was created by Jeremy Brock and Paul Unwin.

Over the years the cast of Casualty has come and gone.

One of the few survivors is character Charlie Fairhead played by Derek Thompson. The cast has also had its fair share of guest appearances by famous faces. These have included Kate Winslet, Minnie Driver, Christopher Eccleston, Sadie Frost, Ray Winstone and Orlando Bloom. Perhaps I should mention though, that their appearances were before they were famous.

Casualty is aired on the BBC on a Saturday evening at somewhere between 8pm and 10pm. If the episode is a two parter, the second part may be shown on the Sunday.

There is now a spin off to Casualty which is called Holby City and is aired mid week. This is not something which I have watched. It is, I believe, separate from Casualty in many ways, and has its own cast.

Why Casualty is entertaining.

It will depend on what you call entertaining, of course.

Casualty has a consistently good cast, with good plots. The plots are a little far fetched at times, but then anything is possible in a hospital.

The show is as much about the patients as the staff. In recent years the show has delved more into the private lives of the staff. Casualty has confronted many issues over the years such as abuse, addiction, violence, attempted suicide, traffic accidents, terrorism and more.

Although the wounds are obviously staged, they can be pretty gruesome at times. Casualty always tries to be authentic and no amount of fake blood and gore is spared.

Although each episode tends to have a complete story, this has also changed a little. Now that we see more of the staff's home life, there are often sub plots, which will be continued throughout the weeks.


In some ways perhaps Casualty is coming to the end of its life span. No such show will go on forever. Currently it is still suceeding in reinventing itself each series. I doubt though that it can carry on much longer.

You can also catch Casualty on BBC IPlayer.