Casual Wear Clothing

Deciding what to wear can be a challenge. People are often heavily judged on their clothing whether it is casualwear, workwear, or sports clothing. Of the three, casualwear is probably the hardest. Casualwear is defined as clothing for non-formal occasions. Essentially, casualwear is what people wear when they are hanging out, lounging at home, off the job, and during other informal times. When you dress casually it is when you get to choose your own style and message.

There are many different styles of casualwear. Sometimes, these casual styles of dress are a representation of gender, ethnicity, class, and personal affiliations. Although that is a very slim list of what casual wear may represent for someone, it does give some idea of the importance of clothing, especially casual clothing. Casual dress clothing is even used to express things to one another. For some gangs, clothing is extremely important, as it represents belonging and brotherhood, and for some bondage, in the colors flown. Other groups also use casual clothing to identify each other, such as in the LGBTQ community.

Overall, casualwear is basic clothing. This includes t-shirts, pants, button up shirts, chinos, polo shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, cargo pants, sweaters, capris, jeans, khakis, and more. Some clothing brands are remarkably known for their comfort, such as Levis. Levis jeans and other Levis clothing are found across the spectrum. Levis casual wear are found in stores that carry expensive clothing of all types, including workwear, such as at Macy's as well as in more affordable stores like Fred Meyer.

Women's and Men's Casual Clothing

Casualwear for women has changed a lot over the years. Mostly gone are the days of donning a dress all the time, including outside of the work place. Skirts and dresses have been replaced by jeans, khaki slacks, capris, and shorts. Where a dress used to signify forced traditions of being a woman, it is now a personal choice, and very much considered more formal or dressed up. Even men's casual wear has changed. Now that is is 2010, it is more common to see someone wearing distressed jeans than a suit and tie. Men's casual wear ranges from preppy to just laid back, but it does not have to be shirts and ties or jackets. Years ago, it was commonplace to see both men and women dressed up for most occasions, including flying. Older generations are sometimes discouraged by the seeming lack of care shown by the casualness of clothing.

There are several different stores that offer casual clothing. Some department stores are dedicated to certain types of casualwear whereas other stores have a diversified selection. Some casual clothing stores are focused on age groups. One of these is Baby Gap. Although babies can dress up they are more often seen in casual baby clothing, something that is easy to put on and take off. Stores target most age groups and income ranges. Many of them are focused on adolescents and young adults like Abercrombie & Fitch, Aeropostle, American Eagle, and Forever 21.

The other thing that goes along with casualwear are casual shoes. Again, this can mean just about anything. The bottom line for casualwear is finding something that you are comfortable wearing. Dress is one of the most personal means of self-expression. Someone utilizing their casualwear to dress "goth" is making a personal statement, even if only to themselves. This holds true for a person who wears biker clothing, dressing in leathers and Harley-Davidson gear or juxtaposed to that is a person who looks as though he stepped out of a Calvin Klein advertisement. If there is one thing to remember about casualwear it is that it speaks very loud about you whether that is your intention or not. Humans are judgmental beings and they make assumptions about the person wearing the casual clothing.