There's plenty of choice with contact lenses these days. If you want to you could just use them to correct your site, but why not freak out a few of your friends with some of the new designs out there including cat's eye's contact lenses.

Cats eyes contact lenses have become very popular and come in several different colours and designs. They look great on a night out and you can even colour coordinate them with the colour of your outfits.

Colored contact lenses

Patriotic Contact lenses

Are you heading to an international sports event or perhaps the Olympics in London 2012? Now you can show your support with your countries international flag. So if you are supporting the American team or want to cheer on the British, there's contact lenses out there for you in nearly every country imaginable.

Clubbing lenses

Fancy going on the dance-floor and your eyes light up with the UV? The UV blue lenses will be a talking point and might distract others from your dancing! Also available in other colours these lenses would look stunning for a night out.

Vampire lense s - great colored lenses

Perhaps you are a Supernatural or Twilight fan want the complete look, then vampire lenses may be for you. Available in quite a wide variety, these lenses would look good at any Halloween. Zombies can also feel included with some contact lenses especially for them!

There are literally dozens of different contact lenses on the market today and there's something for everyone at a price. These contact lenses are more expensive than your normal prescription lenses but you might consider that worth it for the effect of them.

Like all lenses, care should be taken when using them and especially with cleaning if they are going to be worn again. Do take special note of the manufacturers care instructions that come with the lenses.

Special effect contact lenses are available from many high street opticians, but you'll find the largest selection online. Most of the lenses can be used for 30 days, 6 months or a year as long as they are looked after properly.

Special effect contact lenses are sure to be a major talking point with your friends when you go out clubbing with them. As they are available in almost every theme possible, take a look at some of the online sites and see if there's any you fancy. Once you start wearing them, you might want a different set every time you go out!