Are you a cat lover? Do you have one special cat or a family of them? Well, there are great ways to pamper your special friend, and also make life easier for you and your cat with cat accessories. (There are many accessories for dogs as well).

Cat Ramps

cat stairs

If your cat is getting up there in years, and you want her to be able to get on the couch or chair to curl up for her nap, then there are special kitty ramps or steps. These make great cat accessories and lets her still do the things she loves to do, independently, without your help.

Cat Window Seat Extensionscat window seat

If you would like your indoor cat to be able to look outside, and enjoy the view or get the warm breezes coming in through the window, then you can purchase these cat window seats. They attach to your present window sill, and give that extra comfy room for your cat to curl up and enjoy.

Cat Enclosures

outdoor cat house

We all know how dangerous it is to let your cat just wander outside. They can get hit by cars, get lost, or be attacked by predators. This is also a great way to let your cat outside but not be digging in your yard or your neighbors yard. You can keep your eye on kitty and know where she is. You can get these in different sizes, and are good to enclose a deck in for example.

Cat Playhousecat enclosure

This can be set up outdoors, and makes a great place for your cat to play while you and your family are outside. This way your cat gets to a part of the family activities, and gets to be outside. This cat accessory contains toys and climbing shelves, to keep your cat busy.

Cat Tree

You have seen those carpeted cat trees for sale in the pet store. These cat trees are also great for exercise for your cat. Not only will this save your couch as they love to pick the carpet on these trees, but cats love to be perched up high. I have one of these cat trees, and my cat loves to sit on the highest shelf and watch everyone, especially the dogs!

You can get extensions on some of these cat trees, to include cat houses on top of these cat trees. These are great for a multi-cat household.

Cat brush and comb set

Although your cat is self cleaning, your cat would love nothing more than to have a good brushing with a cat brush. Don't use a dog brush it is too harsh. A cat brush is shorter bristles, but helps to get rid of that under layer of fur that makes her coat look dull, and will many times cause itching. This is a great way to spend time with your cat. She will love this and purr.

Our pets love us unconditionally, and it is nice to pamper them back. There are great pet accessories out there to help make the life of your cat or dog much easier. Take some time and check out the many online stores such as Amazon, or head to your local pet supply store, and see what they have and what would be good for your household and your cat. You can also pamper your cat with special toys and treats, but be careful on the treats, as it doesn't take much for an indoor cat to gain weight. Use your love and attention as a reward for your cat instead of treats.

This way you will have long and wonderful life with your cat.