Allergy to cats becomes a problem if you are associated with family and friends who have pet cats at home. It’s even worse for business related visits as pet dander can still stick on people and spread without you knowing about it. In relation to this, you don’t have to avoid cats and people who love them. Cat allergy cure is available to help you out.

Cat Allergy Causes

In contrast to what most everyone believes in, cat allergy is not even caused by the pet’s fur. DanderImage: Rosemary Ratcliff / FreeDigitalPhotos.netCredit: is the material comparable to dandruff shed from the pet’s skin. This can be spread whenever cats scratch their fur and lick themselves all over. Besides dander, saliva from cats as well as their urine may also cause allergic reactions upon contact.

Cat Allergy Symptoms

Coughs, sneezes, running nose, teary eyes are just of the symptoms associated with cat allergy. The eyes tend to feel itchy and appear to be reddish. Aside from these, skin irritation or even rashes become evident especially upon contact with cats, i.e. scratching, biting, or even merely licking.

Despite the fact that these symptoms are prevalent in anyone who is suffering from cat allergy, it’s still recommended to consult with a medical practitioner before you administer any type of medicine nor partake of any cat allergy cure products. It is important to confirm with a physician whether or not the symptoms are indeed associated with cat allergy. There may be a possibility also that a related allergen is causing the allergic reactions.

Cat Allergy Cure or Medication

Cat allergy cure in the form of over the counter (OTD) non-prescription medications can be used to temporarily relieve the symptoms of cat allergy.  These include antihistamine tablets or capsules, decongestants and nasal sprays (for running nose), among others. For cases where the symptoms are severely making a patient suffer, steroids can be administered. These are non-OTD and require prescription. Acquiring one requires consultation with a practitioner specializing in allergies.

In relation to temporarily relief, some patients even bring along allergy shots for emergency purposes. Although it is not practical for everyone to do so, allergy shots can nonetheless provide immediate relief during emergencies when unexpected contacts with cats occur.

Practical Cat Allergy Cure

Aside from medications, practical cat allergy cure is also available. The most obvious of these is avoiding contact with cats altogether. Prevention is better than cure as they always say. Here, contact means kissing, hugging, petting, and even playing with cats.

Cats are not the sole culprit for allergy attacks however. Cat lovers should also be considered too as they spread pet dander. It’s not possible to completely avoid socializing with cat owners though and it is even showing disrespect to do so. And in some cases, especially with new acquaintances, it’s not possible to distinguish a cat owner right away unless you directly ask them. It becomes awkward to do so every time you meet someone for the first time. In cases like this, bringing along cat allergy cure for emergency purposes is recommended.

Cat Allergy Reminders for Cat Owners

There are also cat allergy reminders for owners. Most pet lovers allow their cats to stay indoors and to even sleep with them in bed. All pets love the pampering and it will be difficult to train them to remain outside once they’re used to staying inside the house. In this case, regularly vacuuming the home will hamper the spread of pet dander and other allergens carried by cats.

But as a cautious effort to protect possible guests who may potentially become allergic to cats, these pets should be kept away from areas where visitors frequent. Some of which include the living room, hallways, gazebo, and others. If this is not possible, a quick clean right before entertaining an unexpected guest can be done or a thorough clean can be accomplished for invited and announced guests.

If patients bring along cat allergy cure shots, owners must keep one in medicine closets too. This way, immediate relief from allergic reactions to patients within your home can be given in case they happen.