Does My Cat Have Behavior Problems?

Cat Sad

Experiencing cat behavior problems? Your cat may just be trying to tell you something. But just how do you separate the “play” from actual behavioral issues? Learning exactly what common cat behavior problems are may put your mind at ease knowing that it probably isn’t something you’ll have to run to your vet for, as well as being able to find solutions for whatever you’re encountering with your cat.

Playtime/Potty in the Plants
This little ritual may involve your frisky feline enjoying a fun filled day playing, no not with its toys you just thought he’d love, but with your pretty new houseplant! Some cats will dig up the whole plant, play in the dirt, or even eat them up. Others may go as far as using plants as it would its litter box. 
Kitty Clawing and Scritch-Scratching
Yet another one of the major cat behavior problems very commonly seen by cat owners, the unwanted scratching of the furniture. Couch and chair legs, the legs of your favorite desk or even the railings of your stair case, you name it; they’d probably enjoy scratching it.
Not So Smitten Kitten
Some cats face social problems, darting for the nearest escape or dark corner right as your guest or even child walks into the room. How frustrating to never seen your own pet due to it being a “scaredy-cat” or because of territorial problems it may possess.
“Jealousy Thy Name is …” Cat?
Is this an issue you see in your feline? Brought a new baby into the house, or even a family friend and your cat just will not have it? A jealous cat is insecure and has probably let you know from some sort of mischief that it wants all the love and attention for itself.
Claiming the Crib
Male cats that have not been neutered find it necessary to claim what they feel is there, thus they spray through the house, marking their territory and leaving a strong, horrid stench.
Do not fret if you and your feline are dealing with these very common cat behavior problems. There are always ways to deter or eliminate these issues. There is never a need to harm your pet, with a little time, training and lots of love, the problems can be resolved. The end results will only be a happier family and a happier cat.