Cat Constipation: a Roadblock to Freedom

Raven was feeling uncomfortable. She felt stuffed, like one of the stuffed animals in the den. She thought she needed to urinate but nothing came out when she tried. Yet the strain continued. She let out a caterwaul but her human just thought it was a cry for more food or a special treat. He picked her up and she screamed louder. So finally he got it. There was something wrong with her. Raven wondered if she would be going to the vet. Then she saw her human scrabbling through the medicine cabinet in the kitchen. Her human pulled out a bottle of Milk of Magnesia, a bottle of Caster Oil and some Xlax. Was her human going to do an Enie Meany Miny Mo? Or would she administer a mixture of all of the horrid laxatives? It's a good thing his wife came into the kitchen and saw what he was doing. She shouted: Don't give Raven human laxatives; it can kill her! So he asked what we should do about Raven's condition.

The human had heard that cats could benefit from an enema and asked his wife if they had the makings for giving Raven an enema. No, she said, and she would take Raven to the vet for that sort of thing: this may be more than just cat constipation; for all she knew, there could be underlying medical conditions that were not apparent. Before Mrs. Human called the vet, she thought she would check out remedies on the intenet. She entered cat constipation and got back the following products:; and wwwNative Alive.

To the Vet: The Mission of Curbing Cat Constipation

The vet checked Raven and pronounced her in good health except for the cat constipation. He gave her an enema and the human's wife

observed the procedure and was glad neither she nor her husband had attempted this maneuver. The vet recommended giving Raven specific doses of PetWellBeing and to follow up with a higher fiber cat food than she was presently eating. They left the vet, feeling secure in the advice they had received. So, the lesson is this: If you see your cat hunched up like it has to eliminated but can't or looks like the beginning of urination, but nothing is coming out, then you ought to expect constipation. If it is a mild case, use one of the products listed above; if severe, take your cat to a vet. Then make sure your cat is getting enough fiber. You should try out several cat foods. Make sure you read the labels to check for the fiber content. If you are looking for a home remedy, check out canned pumpkin; however, do not feed your cat pumpkin pie, for it contains too much sugar.

Using Exercise to Treat Cat Constipation

The vet also mentioned other ways of preventing cat constipation: drinking enough water and exercise. So the human put in water fountains throughout the house and he also constructed a cat gymnasium. In the gym, there was a treadmill which was convenient, but Raven still preferred running outside, tumbling in the grass and climbing trees. Her human warned her that these practices were dangerous because she could pick up viruses and bacteria. Thus the treadmill and if she wanted an upper body workout also, there was a ski machine made by NodicTrack. It could be adjusted to simulate skiing uphill and downhill. Then there were the conventional weights for the upper and lower increase tone, they said. Raven really did not need to increase muscle mass. She was solid muscle. Did the human not know that cats were, pound for pound, the most ferocious and strongest beings on the planet? The free weights were ok; they had special hooks so that a cat could grip them and this was true too of the

ski machine. All the equipment and exercise stations had been designed especially for cats. This was true even of the ping pong paddles. Raven was proud of having won over her human most of the time. She could move like lightening while her human lumbered about and made moves that imbalanced him.

Her favorite of the gym was a simple rope that hung from the ceiling. It was rough hewn and thick and Raven delighted in climbing it. She would swing on the rope and then at intervals scamper up a few feet at a time. The human could see how this exercise, more than any other, could curb cat constipation. The cat had to constantly twist her way up the rope, using her strong abdominal muscles, challenging the obliques and all the muscles associated with the abdomen.

Born to Be a Gymnast: The Cure for Cat Constipation

The other forms of gymnastic exercise were a breeze for Raven. She delighted in the balance beam. She was a natural Nadia Comaneche, or another Olga Corbett. She leapt into the air and could spin for 360 degrees before coming down on the beam. On the parallel bars she went around like a whirlwind and cat caught the bar perfectly before executing a flawless landing. This was all second nature to her. Nevertheless, the human could see how this would stimulate Raven's internal organs and that this form of exercise would undoubtedly help curb cat constipation. This all became very clear when Raven performed her floor exercise. She ran, leapt, and spun, so that she would put to shame an 8th degree black belt doing a Shotokan form called Empi. Empi means BIRD in Japanese and this required the karate performer to leap into the air and spin for 360 degrees. But you see, I have already pointed out that this move was very easy for Raven, for she was very dexterous as well as strong so she could do the form gracefully and with precision.

Raven learned so much from this episode with cat constipation that she put together a workshop for other cats in the neighborhood and charged a fee of two bags of Catnip for each lesson. She helped other cats to freedom and the elimination of cat constipation.