Unfortunately many cat lovers find themselves being heavily allergic to cats. Many people blame the cat fur and try out hairless breeds, this may work to varying success but the real problem is that people usually have a cat dander allergy or an allergic reaction to cat's saliva. If you are suffering from cat dander allergies then you should consider seeking out a method to cope with these allergies. There is a lot of information online and offline that can help and raise your quality of life.

Cat dander is the flakes of dead skin cells that are continually being shed and replaced by newer healthier skin. This is a natural body process that is performed by virtually all creatures in some form or another and is used to help stay healthy and to ward of disease and infection. It even plays a important role in how animals heal. Even humans let off dander. Most of the dust in your house is not actually small dirt particles but is actually a layer of dead skin flakes left behind by your pets and family. I'm sure you want to dust a little more now!

Cat dander is not actually invisible like most people think, though it might as well be. You cannot see cat dander with the naked eye but you can with a microscope. So even if you cannot see clouds of it coming up off of your couch when you hit it in bright sunlight doesn't necessarily mean it isn't there. Most people also believe that you cannot be effected by cat dander, even if you have an allergy, if you do not have a cat. This is simply not true. Some studies have shown that even office buildings that have never had a cat in them may still have dander. This is because dander can stick to just about anything, and all it takes is one person carrying dander on their clothing to spread it. Of course this doesn't really make a difference unless you have an extremely bad allergic reaction to cat dander.

Most people also believe that if you vacuum and dust often they will completely eliminate dander from their house. While I will not argue that you can remove a significant amount of dander from the house, and this may even make a huge difference in your allergy symptoms, there is no way to completely remove the dander from your house. If you are suffering from a cat dander allergy then there are many different methods to deal with this that can be found online or locally.