cat furniture
Credit: Photo by quotedfortruth at Flickr

I originally bought a cat tower because I knew my kitties would have tons of fun on it. Watching them jump and play with each other was as much fun for me as it was for them. As far as entertainment, for all parties involved, they are ideal. I eventually bought several other cat furniture items and have them throughout the house. My cats are in heaven! What surprised me was that I discovered other benefits to these wonderful "playgrounds".

Keeping Them Slim and Agile

A couple of my cats were overweight, and no matter how hard I tried to put them on diets, they never slimmed down. Even the diet foods weren't working, probably because they didn't like them. A couple of weeks after I got the first cat tower, I noticed that Heidi and Cuddles (my two plump ones) were losing weight. The constant jumping up and down on the tower, and the rambunctious play, was giving them exercise they normally wouldn't have gotten. I used to throw balls for them to chase and use the laser toys, but they would tire of that quickly. The cat tower is much more fun it seems and is used everyday.

Heidi is one of my older cats and I feared she was getting a bit arthritic. Once she started using the cat tower, she became much more limber and agile. Cats need to use their muscles, like all of us, and sometimes don't when they are inside. They aren't climbing trees or chasing a lizard in the house, and let's face it, they become a little lazy. The larger cat towers, trees, and condos have lots of levels, so they will be climbing and stretching their way to better health.

Helping Them Bond

Right now I have seven inside cats and they get along fairly well. Mia and Chloe, however, have always had a little trouble getting together, because Chloe wants to chase Mia to play, but Mia sees this as a threat. One of the more amazing things I discovered was that the cat tower changed their relationship. Mia gets way up on the top level and Chloe stays beneath her, where they playfully swat at each other. There is none of the hissing and growling going on that accompanied the former chasing routine. They have slowly built a bond and are now friends. I think there is a certain sense of security and safety when they use cat furniture. They can get on any level they want and hide in the cubicles they have. It's wonderful that they now get along and have that bond.

Saving Your Furniture

We've all dealt with our precious kitties shredding our furniture. There are all kinds of products to repel them from scratching, but they don't seem to work. Most of the larger cat towers and condos have multiple scratching posts attached to them. The other benefit is that these days they are generally made of sisal, instead of carpeting. I don't know what it is about sisal, but cats love it. I suppose the fact that it is plant-based might have something to do with it. Also, they can really dig their claws into it deeply. Whatever the reason, it is one of the best improvements they've come up with. I find that my cats will go to the sisal scratching post on their furniture instead of digging into my furniture. Such a simple solution to a complex problem!

Cat furniture is a place for your feline babies to have their own space, which is important to cats. Besides the hours of fun for them (and you), they will slim down, stay limber, and scratch their posts instead of your couch. Hopefully it will help some of them bond and become friends, like it did mine. Cat Furniture has so many benefits, ones I didn't even realize until I got my first piece. Go ahead and try a tower or tree and see the changes in your cats. I say cats, but they are also great even if you just have one kitty.