cat nail caps

Cat Nail caps are the latest solution, developed by a Veterinarian to help stop cats from scratching up your house, without resorting to surgery.

According to a local animal shelter, scratching and destroying household furniture is listed as a reason for many cats being given up for adoption to the animal shelter.

But there are other solutions.

You can start by purchasing or making a cat scratching post. This has worked the best for my cat. It is tall and goes from the floor to the ceiling, and is a tightly woven carpet cover on it, that she can stretch and pick at.

Cats need to be able to stretch while doing this, and need something that will not move, such as your good couch! Try a good scratching post, one with shelves as well, so they can sit up high and watch everyone. You can also try spraying it with cat nip spray to attract them to it when you first get it home.

As well, you can also get cat deterrent sprays, that we can't smell but they can, and spray the areas you are trying to get them to avoid.

Clipping their nails, is a good solution as well, at least you don't have those pointing nails getting caught in the curtains or on your couch. They don't like to pick as much with trimmed nails. As one of the reasons they do stretch and pick, is to loosen old layers from their claws. So by keeping their claws trimmed, you will take away some of the need to pick.

Only trim that sharp hook on the end of the claw, don't go back to far, or you can cause injury and blood, which is much worse for your furniture.

If none of the above work, many people resort to a painful and expensive procedure called "de-clawing" which is a very traumatic process for a cat. Some cats won't even use the litter box after this operation because it hurts to burry or dig. So, keep that in mind if you are considering de-clawing.

Another option that is fairly new on the market are cat nail caps. These were invented by a Veterinarian to help with the scratching and destroying of furniture and the like!

You simply trim your cats nails back, and then put them on over the nail with the supplied adhesive. They last for 4 - 6 weeks, and come in cool colors. So, now you can have a stylish cat as well.

If your cat sits still for you while you trim their nails, then you can do this yourself. Sometimes just having another person help you works well. The cat will no be sure about them at first, but most cats seem to get used to them quickly. This saves your furniture and you are not doing anything invasive to the cat.

You can get these online, or at your Veterinarians office. They will often put them on for you if you get them there.

So, if you have been having a terrible time with your cat scratching, then consider your options. Cat post, trim nails, nail caps. Try all of these before you go down the road of surgery. Your cat will thank you!