Cat Proof Bird Feeders(99688)

Easy Techniques to Make Cat Proof Bird Feeders

Cat proof bird feeders can become a necessity if you have neighbors who let their cats roam, or if you want your cat to enjoy the great outdoors.  This is especially true for people who are bird and cat lovers.  There are a number of techniques one can try in order to keep the birds coming to your feeders, without having to worry about cats interacting with them.  All of these ideas are relatively inexpensive ways to turn your bird feeders into cat proof bird feeders.

Control Your Own Cat
The first technique you can try in order to cat-proof your bird feeder doesn't involve making any modifications to the actual feeder.  The easiest thing you can do is to put a collar on your cat and use a leash when you let it outside.  Walking around outside with your cat on a leash will prevent them from chasing after birds, since you will be in control.  This will take a little time and effort on the owner’s part, but it will ensure that the birds won't be attacked.  Just think of it as a little bonding time with your favorite pet!

Cat Proof Bird Feeders with Wire
One of the best techniques when making cat proof bird feeders is to put wire around the feeder, so the cats can't get to it.  Chicken or rabbit wire are good options for this.  If the feeder is on the ground, simply put wire around the outside of it, and make sure it's tall enough so cats can't jump over it to get to the bird feeder.  This can also be used to squirrel proof your feeders, since they are notorious for eating bird seed.  This technique can be used to cat-proof your bird bath as well.

It's slightly different, but I've had problems with my dog going into my garden and trampling all of my flowers and plants.  I placed some chicken wire around the garden and made sure it was about 2-3 feet tall.  Now he doesn't even bother trying to go in there.  He's never even tried to jump over the wire, and I think cats would react the same way.  In my dog's defense, he was chasing after squirrels while damaging all of the plants in the garden.  I can't really blame him for that!

Higher is Better
Hanging your feeder from a tree that's high in the air is another way to cat-proof your bird feeder.  Cats are very nimble and can usually jump pretty high, so make sure the bird feeder is hanging from a tree branch that cats won't be able to get to.  Hanging them in difficult to access areas is a great idea when trying to cat-proof your bird feeder.

Cat Proof Bird Feeder Pole
Another option for cat proof bird feeders is to put the feeder on top of a long pole.  It's just my opinion, but I don't think cats will be able to climb up a narrow pole to get to a bird feeder.  Also, make sure the feeder is high enough off the ground so a cat can't simply jump up onto it.  This is another plan that can be used to cat-proof your bird bath as well.

There are many different options available when making cat proof bird feeders.  The common goal is to think of places to put your feeder that cats can't get to, or ways to protect the feeder if it is accessible.  The best way to figure out what works best is through trial and error.  Try a number of different options and see what works best for you in terms of utilizing cat proof bird feeders.