It is always sad when we have to send our pets to another home. Animals become part of the family and to send them away because of various reasons that crop up can be traumatic. Cats, particular have their spots where they sleep, and some of them have several places, so they know the house back to front and when they are not familiar with something they may become distressed. They are not like dogs who adapt to their surroundings more quickly.

cat getting settled

There are various reasons for cat rehoming. In most cases these can be avoided. People may think their cat will be happier somewhere else, but rehoming is not always essential.

Sometimes there are certain behavioural problems. People may think that this kind of rehoming would be the answer here, but before looking into that you may want to dig a little deeper and get to the root of the problem. Find out why the animal is doing what it does, and if there is a way you can help before anything drastic has to happen.

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Another thing that often happens is when people suffer from allergies and they feel it is best to find a rehoming centre. Often this is not even the cat that is causing the hayfever and if it is there are ways to work your way around it. Some people will spray a special product after vacuuming. After brushing and grooming, simply rub a cloth over it and this should be done outside. This is something to check on before you get a pet like this.

Often, it is new babies and kids this is something that people debate about. The chance of any harm of an unborn baby has been proven to be an old wives tail. Having a new baby in the house with a cat will only help with their development and ability to form a bond at a young age. Toddlers can get rough with animals so it may be an idea to watch out for that. Keep babies away from pet food and cats should be up to date with their vaccinations. Make sure your animal is also de-wormed and de-flea’d

When people decide to immigrate to another country the thought of rehoming their pet is always on their minds. It is possible to take the cat with you, but it would not be able to travel if the cat were old or sick in any way and therefore rehoming would be the best thing for your pet.

Sometimes rehoming is the the only option because of your particular circumstances. In that case there are definite organizations that deal with this subject. Sticking an advert in the newspaper and saying that there is a free cat for a loving home is not a very wise choice because people have done this in the past and it has turned out for the worse.

Cat rehoming centres deal with this scenario every day and will find the best possible home for the cat according to its needs and their personality.

The RSPCA cat rehoming program also will do home visits and you can request this of them to make sure your kitty is doing fine. They also offer a foster home program, where someone keeps your pet until a permanent home is found. However, you should think about this depending on the personality of the cat because some animals will find this more traumatic. You may think dumping your cat off at a rescue center is cruel and heartless, but this may be something that is better a lot of the other options. The people who run these centers really care about the animals. There are a lot of volunteers who come in and help just because they love cats.

Direct rehoming is an option to consider that would be more flexible. You would keep your cat until a home is found. This way your cat does not have to adapt to the shelter and then to its new surroundings. Another thing to consider is that shelter sometimes has waiting lists and there may not be space at that time for your cat.

Direct rehoming is something you would take on in the case of pedigrees. There are special organizations for Persian cat rehoming. Siamese cat rehoming is another separate organization that deals in this particular breed.

What can you do to help?

There are some cats that are clearly ready to move on and fit in with a family, while others are not likely going to adapt. At a rescue center, there are a lot of cats waiting for home, but some of them need extra attention before going into the world.

Some of these cats have been badly affected. They could have been abused and neglected, and they need time to get back on their feet. People who work in these centers don’t always have the time to give to these cats because there are so many other things to do. There are practical things to do, there are dogs to look after and there is admin work that needs to be attended to.

It is possible and rewarding to volunteer at one of these centers. You will start to see a change in the cats on a daily basis. Some of these cats are really frightened when you first approach them, and as you come back and spend time with them, that trust will grow. Soon they will start to be ready to move on and some lucky family will be able to include the cat in their home.

There is always a great need for volunteers at these centers. Most people go in for a couple of hours a week or take off a weekend once a month. It can be a fun thing to do with friends or other members of the family, and it is an experience that you won’t forget about in a hurry.

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