I needed a cat scratch post immediately!  I ended up with a cat, not really by choice, but more of "it was the right thing to do" Don't get me wrong, I love cats, I already had a cat and two dogs, but "Muffin" was a rescue cat.

I didn't realize I would be rescuing her from a good friend of mine, but that was the case. My friend was splitting up with her husband, and they had sold the house and split their belongings, but neither one could take the cat. Muffin was a 2 year old cat, that had NEVER seen a vetinarian, NEVER had any shots, and was NEVER spayed. On top of that, she smelt bad of stale cigarette smoke and she sounded congested, plus she loved to scratch and stretch her claws on the carpet.  I feared my furniture was next.

I had been after my friend to quit smoking, but to no avail. Both her and her husband smoked two packs a day, in the house, with the windows closed, I am surprised she survived nevermind any pets! I told her I had enough animals, so her soon to be ex husband said he would take her. I found out shortly that he was going to just drop her off at the humane society, and that is when I realized, she wouldn't stand a chance of survival.

So, I came to her house and hunted down this shy cat on moving day, and took her home, with both of us coughing!. I took her to the vet, and they couldn't even spay Cat Scratch Posther until her congestion cleared up from the smoke, and she actually went through withdrawal symptoms from "quitting smoking", such as the shakes. To replace this craving, she decided to pick like crazy at our furniture.  This is when the purchase of a cat scratch post was the cheapest and best investment yet.

SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post

Out of desperation, I went and purchased one of those carpeted cat scratching posts, and installed in. Put some of her favorite toys on the shelves, and some catnip. She walked right by it the first day, then started checking it out. Then one night we heard that awful picking noise, and instantly assumed our furniture was being destroyed again, only to find her picking the post. I gave her a treat, and she has never picked anything else in the house again.

The other cat took a liking to it as well. I got this last year, and it is looking a bit picked, but I shudder to think what our furniture would look like by now. At my friends house, she used to just lay around and not pick or play, probably from lack of oxygen! My friend came to visit, and could not believe it was the same cat. But after getting her spayed, all her shots, and clean lungs, she has a new lease on life, and fits in well with our family.  I am going to replace this cat scratch post with another one.  She has picked this one to death.  But these are an affordable play toy for the cats, and a way to save your furniture. 

If you have been wondering whether a cat tree scratching post, is worth it.. I am telling you, it was the best investment I made for my pets. It is also a great place for them to play, great exercise for an indoor cat, and a great way to tease the dogs when they walk by.

Happy Cats!