There are multitudes of cat tattoo designs to choose from and perhaps people do not find it surprising at all. Cats are not only charming but can also have many meanings. People who love cats will have endless adjectives to describe their feline friends. Independent, cunning, proud and sleek are only some of the words that may describe them.

Other than the cat's character, they also have a long history as people's companions. The symbolism for cats is sometimes contradicting. For instance, there are many superstitious beliefs intertwined with cats in relation to witches and black magic. Cats can also signify courage most especially if their instinct to hunt is considered. The same symbol can be used to represent playfulness and being a free spirit.

People who choose cat tattoo designs would be overwhelmed with the many renditions it can be done. Just like any other artwork, tattoos have a specific illustrating style. It can look as realistic as possible or it can be more stylized. For realistic designs, it would be as simple as giving the tattoo artist a good picture of a cat that they can copy.

Many cat lovers choose to have their own pets inked on their skin. Silhouettes of cats would have a different effect. Those designs are ideal for capturing the sleek form of a cat. Big cats are also a common preference for tattoos mainly because of their majestic appeal. Lions, cheetahs, tigers and pumas are only some that are tattooed to represent strength and courage.

People can choose to have a monochromatic scheme or colored ones for their cat tattoo designs. Mostly, it would have a lot to do with what the tattoo means to them. Some would wish to have a head shot of the cat while others would prefer a whole body shot. It does not always have to be just the cat in the tattoo design. People can also include other elements that make it more meaningful for them especially if they wish to make it more individualized. As many people get cat tattoos, it would be very hard to find something that is unique.