training cat on toiletHow to train your cat

Cat training is an important part of owning a cat, both for you and your cat or kitten. Right from the beginning start out the way you mean to continue. Before picking up the cat, lay down some house rules with the family. Health is a very important part of owning a cat. Vet care can be very expensive, this also needs to worked into your budget before bringing him home.

House rules

You need to decide whether the cat will be an inside, outside or allowed to do both. Will you train him not to scratch the furniture? Will he be trained for a leash, this is important if you intend taking him when you go away for a weekend. Will he be allowed to wander over the table and cupboards? The cats training will depend on the answers.

· All cats need toilet training

· No scratching furniture

· No climbing on the curtains

· No jumping on top of the cupboards or tables.

Toilet Training kitty training kit your cat

Start toilet training your cat from the moment you bring it into your home by making a sand box for him/her. The choice of whether to use sand or cat litter is entirely up to you, although you need to consider this; if a cat uses the kitty litter all the time he may not want to go outside and do his/her business in the sand. It will take him out of his comfort zone. The same goes for the opposite choice.

Toilet training your cat is very important and personally I would suggest that you alternate and use both sand and Kittie litter at different times, right from a kitten stage. If you travel with a cat, keep in mind that cats normally dig and cover up after they go to the toilet. Some ground is so hard they cannot dig. Therefore you may need to take kitty litter on your travels. Otherwise he may try to hold on and this will do more harm than good to your cat.

Training the cat to use a human toilet

Toilet training your cat to us a human toilet is not as simple as you may think. Many people do train their cats in this way. If you only have one toilet in the house it could cause a problem. You need to realize this as someone may forget to put the seat up or you may have a visitor that does not understand the lid needs to be left up. What does the cat do when he's in a hurry?

To train your cat to use the toilet seat, you have to realize that this will take time. Before starting you will need a kitty training kit.

First you have to train him to use the tray, and then gradually move it until it is next to the toilet. This may take a little time. You must have patience and not rush him before he is ready. Once he has become used to that you have to gradually lift it up a bit every two to three days. Make sure you have it on a firm base.

When it is at the height of the toilet, change his tray to the kitty training kit one. And move it to rest over the toilet pan itself. Let him become used to this, then remove one ring using flushable litter. Leave it for five to seven days. If he is confident, then remove another ring. Leave it again until you have removed all rings. Then if your cat is happy using it, remove the kitty training kit altogether.

Like I said earlier this process will take time. And like kids, all cats learn at different levels some learn quicker than others. So be very patient with your cat, after all it is all going to be strange for him at first.

Tips to remember when training your cat

Never growl at your cat. And please do not rub their nose in it if they have an accident.