If you want to learn about training your cat, then you'll want to read this article. Specifically we'll discuss understanding your cats personality, choosing the right time for training, and flexibility. After reading this article, you should be able to actively interact with and have a more fulfilling relationship with your cat.

Understanding your cats personality is vitally important to the relationship the two of have with each other. Each cat is different and responds to different gestures, tone of voice and general environment. By understanding what your cat likes to do, and what it dislikes, you can identify the training tactics and methods which will work most effectively for your cat. Forcing a training tactic or trick onto a cat won't work, you will need to observe your cat to identify what it responds to most readily and, more importantly, what it really doesn't like to do, you do not want training to be a negative experience.

Choosing the right time for training is important to ensure you retain your cats interest. Don't wake the cat up, an annoyed or tired cat will not respond well to any training attempts. Don't train for too long, or the cat will become bored and lose interest in the training session. As soon as the cat stops responding immediately, cut short what you are doing and change to another training tactic or method. If the cat still isn't interested stop training and come back to it later.

Flexibility is the key to training a cat effectively because although your goal may be clear the path to achievement of that goal may not be so clear. Experiment and make corrections as you navigate towards your goal. If one thing doesn't work, don't look on it as a failure, treat it instead as a learning experience. Remember you and your cat are learning together, even if one thing doesn't work well you have still shared the experience of working together in a fun way.

Understanding your cat will help you to identify the path you should take to effective training. Choosing the right time and being flexible will ensure that you stay on the path and interact effectively and positively with your cat. The sooner you put these tips into practice the sooner you can start to enjoy a more fulfilling relationship with your cat. Go for it and have fun.