Cat faux trees, are a great addition to any family room or living room.  This is a great way to enjoy the company of your cat while adding some greenery and décor to a room.  This attractive type of kitty condo works well with most rooms and does not look like a normal kitty  tree at first glance.

Cat Trees that Look Like Trees

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this can fit in with your room decor.

Cat Tree Condo with Leaves

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This type of cat tree condo will work in most living areas, and cats love to hide among the leaves.

Cat Tree Faux Plant

 Imagine the surprise to your guests when they see this tree replica and a little kitty face pops out!  These are well made and can support a few cats!  Most cats will naturally migrate to this if placed in the room so no need to coax them! 

If you have just redecorated, and don’t like the look of the typical carpeted ones, or your cat condo tree is looking picked over and tired, then consider ones that look real so as not to take away from all your hard decorating work.  It simply looks like a nice green plant.

This is a great way to bring the outdoors in, and your kitty is going to love the hidden areas that are in the silk leaf foliage.  

They naturally love to climb trees when outdoors, so this makes a natural climbing place in your home and a great way to distract them from climbing the curtains or clawing the couch.  They can hide behind the leaves and have great fun, or simply take a nap.

It stands 4 feet tall, and will fit into any corner or be a part of the room as in the picture.  It is shipped in 3 pieces and can be together in minutes without any tools and is very sturdy with a realistic looking tree trunk.

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If you have the basic carpeted type and ever wished it look a little more decorative than it does, then this is the answer.  These are becoming very popular now as a way to upgrade your kitty’s play area to integrate with yours.

This is a well designed replica and makes a fun place for your kitties to play, have fun, exercise or simply to nap and hide.

There are many styles of cat condos and kitty trees on the market.  Some are like huge play areas and take up a lot of space, and others are simply a couple of carpeted shelves.  You can purchase them in kits or you can purchase plans to make your own.  I know that is how I saved my furniture by having one of these for my kitty.

All work well, but they are not always that attractive especially if you have to keep them in your main living area.

So, if you have just redecorated and cringe at the thought of putting that old beat up cat condo into your freshly updated room, then consider getting cat faux tree stands that look real and make them fit in as greenery!

You can get these at some larger specialty pet supply stores, but you can also get them online at sites such as Amazon for a comparable price!

So, if you want your cats to hang out with you in the main living areas, but don’t like the look of their old cat condo or cat tree then try one of these and watch them hide in the leaves for fun and hang out with you!