cat weight loss

When your dog packs on a few pounds, you put on his leash and you take him for longer walks. But what do you do for your cat? Cat weight loss is a huge issue. We tend to overfeed them, and they don't get much exercise if they are indoor cats. Plus they tend to get lazier as they get older, but they still like to eat.

Is you cat fat? The best way to find out is to go for a veterinarian checkup. Your vet can listen to her heart, check her teeth and all her functions, and weigh her and let you know just how fat she is. If she is really overweight, your vet may want you to come in for regular weigh ins, once you start your cat weight loss regime.

The first thing you need to do, before you start your cat weight loss program, is find out just exactly how much she (or he) should weigh. Once you are armed with this information, and you know that your cat is healthy otherwise and can tolerate some exercise, then you need to come up with a cat weight loss and exercise routine just like you would for yourself.

It is best to get into some new routines, that your cat is going to love, because she will be spending time with you. The following are some great ideas for cat weight loss and for fun! You will have fun also! It is nice to see your cat come back to life with excitement at getting some new toys to play with.

cat tree (21013)

Cat Tree

I know these are expensive to buy, but if you look around you can get some online for a good price, such as on Amazon, or Ebay or at your local department store. You can get them at your local pet shops too, but they can be the most expensive. Another great way is to build one yourself. You can find cat tree plans online.

Once you have a cat tree up, you can space the shelves, or steps so that they have to climb and have a favorite toy hanging off the top step. The added bonus of a cat tree, is that it is carpeted and this is a great place for your cats nails. This will save on your couch being used as a scratching post.

My cat absolutely loves her cat tree. When we first set it up, she was so fat, she needed a smaller box to climb up to the first step! After that, she started playing on it more, and before we knew it, she was able to get to the top step. Cats love to be up high. You can get these cat trees as simple or as complex as you want, some have a home on top like a tree house. But for my cat it was better that she climb for her cat weight loss regime, not lay around at the top!

Cat nip

Make your own little cat nip squares. Just cut out a couple of pieces of scrap fabric about 2 inches by 2 inches and then sew them together and leave an opening for cat nip. Pour some in and sew up the opening. You can buy these, but it is cheaper to make them yourself. You can get a package of loose cat nip at the pet store.

Now take these cat nip squares, and let your cat sniff them, roll in them, all the things they like to do with cat nip, and then toss them down the stairs or down the hallway. Toss them somewhere where the cat will have to run to get them. Stairs are good for this, but you can also keep putting the cat nip squares on the cat tree, or the bed, or somewhere she has to jump and climb to get it and play.

Make a few of these and throw another one. Unless you have a cat like mine that actually brings them back for me to toss again!

Get into a habit of playing with your cat. Pick a time of day when you can do this regularly. In my home we do this while the dogs are outside in the backyard, since the dogs will put my cat off.

Once they are outside, she knows it is playtime. Cats get used to routine too! fat cat (21015)


For your cat weight loss regime, you need to know how much your cat should weigh, then take a look at your food package, and find out how much a cat should eat that weighs the amount she should be. If this looks way less then you leave out for her you can do it a bit more gradual, but don't just keep filling the bowl.

Measure out the daily allowance of food, and then put it in the bowl and that is it until the next day. Distract her with lots of pettings and play time.

Getting into a routine is a great start to your cat weight loss regime. Exercise, that is disguised as play works wonders.