Deferred Billing Catalog With Free Shipping and Instant Credit

You can find catalogs with free shipping and instant credit quite easily.  Whether you have bad credit or good credit, the reasons why you may want to use these buy now pay later no credit or light credit check catalogs is not really as important as the value you get from these opportunities.  With the free shipping, you must understand that it may only be on certain items and at specific times of the year and very rarely will you find a buy now pay later catalog that has Free shipping on ALL items ALL the time. You will however find buy now pay later catalogs with free shipping on different items


Catalogs With Free Shipping and Instant Credit

Clothing/Apparel/Household Items

This is by far perhaps the most popular type of catalog with free shipping and instant credit.  Some examples of catalogs with free shipping and instant credit include:  Montgomery Ward, Fingerhut, and Seventh Avenue, HSN, ShopNBC and QVC. You can men's clothing, women's clothing, children's clothing, shoes, purses, coats and so much more from these clothing and household items catalogs. Most of them allows you to apply for instant credit and you can see what items are eligible for free shipping putting "free shipping" in their search tab.

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A great buy now pay later instant credit catalog with free shipping for food is Swiss Colony. Swiss Colony has a special "free shipping" section where it lists all the food items that are available with free shipping.  Some of the food items that Swiss Colony sells includes holiday cookies, sugar free chocolate pecan fudge squares, red velvet cake, a variety of cheeses and sausages and much more.

Another option for buy now pay later foods with free shipping is Tenderfilet is a gourmet food catalog that allows you to apply for instant credit through their buy now pay later "choose n' pay" program.  Some of the items you can get include this beautiful cowboy steak dish.

4 Cowboy Rib Eye SteaksCredit:


Other types of dishes that you can get from includes "premium aged steaks, specialty meats, main dishes and entrees, pork, lamb, desserts, recipes and so much more. It all depends on what your taste is.  This catalog allows you to afford some types of meats that you may not normally be able to afford through its buy now pay later program. It also offers gourmet foods that may not be available in your area. also has a "free shipping" section that you can access.


These gourmet crab cakes comes with free shipping


Gourmet Crab Cakes with buy now pay later and free shippingCredit:



Try when you are looking for a jewelry catalog with free shipping and instant credit. has been featured on Ellen, GMA and in the New York Times for great online jewelry with interest free financing.  With, you can get free shipping on many items if you order over a certain amount of products.  Since it's jewelry, the amount is usually not hard to meet.  Here are some examples from this instant credit catalog that has free shipping.


    Garnet Necklace

Buy now pay later Garnet NecklaceCredit:


       Ruby Ring  

buy now pay later Ruby ringCredit:


    Diamond Engagement Ring

Buy now pay later engagement diamond ringCredit:



These are just a few examples of catalogs with instant credit and free shipping.  There are many more of these types of these buy now pay later catalogs that are now available to download right on your tablet though Google apps and iPad apps.

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