Catch a Cheating GirlfriendCatch Her Cheating

It is becoming more and more common to have a cheating girlfriend. If you suspect your girlfriend of being promiscuous, here is how you can catch her cheating.

Consider the signs that you may have ignored in the past. Often times we choose to ignore the signs of a cheating partner because it would hurt too much. If you want to know how to catch her cheating you are going to have to look at your relationship in a brand new way. I mean pay attention to her signals. Take a step back and analyze the relationship, is she treating you like you deserve? Is she distancing herself from you?

Do not let her know that you are suspicious in any way. If you want to catch her cheating just act like everything is fine in your relationship. She will be under the impression that her cheating is not effecting your relationship. This will make her more careless and increase the chances that she will slip up.

Pay close attention to her cell phone behavior to catch her cheating. A proven way to catch a cheating girlfriend is by checking her cell phone log when she is not looking. Because you have made her so comfortable with her cheating ways, she will be less likely to delete her history of text messages and phone calls.

Wait for some solid evidence of promiscuity. Do not confront her until you have something that she cannot explain her way out of. Now you know how to catch a cheating girlfriend and leave her completely blindsided. Remember to gather as much information as you can before your confront your cheating girlfriend.