Catch The Paddleboarding Wave On Summer Vacation

Paddleboarding continues to grow in popularity, as more people are introduced to this fun and addictive water sport. Tourists on vacation in tropical paradises, such as Hawaii, increasingly want paddleboarding-related vacation activities -- but many come at inopportune times of the year for paddleboarding.

If you’re in Hawaii, the best season for paddleboarding is during times of the year when the island’s waters are not generating large waves.  Spring and autumn are the best seasons for paddleboarding, as it is during these two seasons that waves are at their weakest. If you’re worried about cold water in the autumn, don’t be, as Hawaii has comfortable water temperatures year-round.

Preparing To Go Paddleboarding

If you’re getting ready to go paddleboarding for the first time, there are a few things you’ll need. You’ll want to wear waterproof clothing, to avoid becoming uncomfortable. You’ll also need a life vest, as there is a risk that you could fall off your board and become disoriented. And, of course, you’ll need a paddleboard and paddle.

Mornings are typically the best time to go paddleboarding. Most paddleboarding tutorial sessions last about an hour, so be sure to be prepared to spend an extended period of time on the water.

When beginning to learn paddleboarding, you’ll typically want to start out in calm water. This gives you the opportunity to learn the basics of paddleboarding, such as steering the paddleboard and controlling speed.

One of the most important lessons you’ll learn in paddleboarding is how to fall correctly. A proper fall will allow you to escape injury and quickly get back up on your board. When you’re falling, be sure to fall toward the side of the board, so that you fall into the water, instead of onto the board, as you’re more likely to be hurt if you fall on the board. If you lose your paddle, be sure to get back to the board first and then use it to float you over to retrieve the paddle.

Paddleboarding provides enthusiasts with an incredible upper body workout. Within just a few weeks of beginning to paddleboard, you’ll likely notice a difference in the definition of your arms and chest, and, chances are, that you may lose a pants size or two, as well, as the calorie-burning potential of the sport takes hold.

Paddleboarding’s Landbound Cousin

Paddleboarding shares many similar features with the landbound sport of longboarding. Longboarding involves the use of a longboard skateboard and a skateboard paddle to travel down roadways. Many of the same paddling and navigation techniques used in paddleboarding are also used in longboarding. In fact, the sports are so similar, that many longboard shops also sell paddle boarding equipment.

In the months between optimal paddleboarding seasons, or when they’re away from the water, some paddleboarders choose to keep up their skills by longboarding. This helps them to enjoy the physical exercise afforded by paddleboarding and allows them to practice slaloming, stopping, and other techniques.

Paddleboarding provides a great opportunity to master a new sport and get some quality, calorie-burning exercise. As the sport grows more popular, there are more and more companies selling paddleboarding gear. For the best quality merchandise, shop only with companies that have an established reputation for quality and reliability.