lady(61582)Ladybugs are always well liked bug of kids. These are bright red-colored as well as round beetles, and they are not likely scary to the majority of kids. They can be seen on leaves of trees and greenery eating aphids. These little guys are sometimes put to use as pest control and may devour over 50 aphids every day! A lot of people don't know when a lady bug is threatened they may play dead.


Grasshoppers have been one more well-known bug. Often encountered in grassy fields, as their name implies. They will feed on leaves of grass and plants. They're able to hop over twenty times their own body size! They're found all over the world and there are more than 18,000 species. Grasshoppers are also noted for producing noise through rubbing their wings along with their legs together.

Lightning Bug

Fireflies, sometimes called lightning bugs, are some of the coolest insects around. They'll use phosphorescence to light up its abdominal area. The glowing flashes are being used as a way for fireflies to communicate. They are truly remarkable to look at. These insects aren't really flies, but instead beetles. These are seen in moist, warm locations.

Honey Bee

beeHoney bees are fascinating to learn about. It is the only insect in which humans eat the food they generate. 50 pounds of honey is created from the standard honey bee nest. To create just one single lb, over a million flowers are used. These bees also produce wax, yet another product utilized by human beings. Honey bees are social bugs, and in one hive there can be in excess of 100,000 bees. They communicate by dancing. After a honey bee stings a victim, the bee will die soon afterwards.


Butterflies are one of nature’s essential pollinators. Beginning as caterpillars, these bugs feast upon leaves of plants. Then they move into a cocoon stage. After a period they emerge in the form of a butterfly. The Monarch is among the most well known butterfly and it migrates over 2,000 miles from America to Mexico!


Mantis(61581)The praying mantis is one of the coolest looking insects. It moves fairly slowly and uses camouflage to mesh into green leaves and grass. A praying mantis is able to attack and eat other bugs for example flies. The mantis will bite the back of their necks to paralyze them. The praying mantis is the only bug able to turn its head sideways a full 180 degrees.

A child might have a tough time catching insects they find. So, the first thing you should do is get a good bug catcher.