Dakovo Cathedral
Credit: Flickr.com

Dakovo, Croatia is a small town about 40 minutes south of Osijek. Osijek is a major city on the eastern most side of Croatia, about 4 hours west of Zagreb. This is what many people consider to be the plains of the country. There are multiple farms and beautiful sunsets. One of the best ways to get to Dakovo is to take a train from Osijek. The train ride will give you a direct route to Dakovo and will allow you to see many picturesque farming communities without having to take your eyes off the road. When I was visiting Dakovo the sunflowers were in season. It was a spectacular experience to zip past field after field of bright yellow sunflowers.

The sunflowers were a nice bonus on the trip but the real meat and potatoes came from my visit to the Cathedral. Dakovo is really known for this amazing edifice. This Cathedral started construction in 1866 and was completed in 1882. This Cathedral is really worth the trip and is a must see for those visiting the area.

Dakovo Exterior
Credit: flickr.com

The grounds surrounding this Cathedral are beautiful and well kept. The Cathedral has many interesting and unique architectural elements. These can be savored on a small walk around the building. Just by looking at the red brick exterior one can spend hours observing and pondering the fine workmanship. The true beauty of the Cathedral is the interior.

Frescos in Dakovo Cathedral
Credit: flickr.com

Fresco paintings inside of the Cathedral depict many scenes from the Old and New Testament in the Bible. This is fairly standard for most Cathedrals. These frescoes were painted by Alexander Maximillian and Lodovico Seitz. Two frescoes were done by Achille Ansiglioni. The paintings are fun and really provide an emotional element to the tour of the Cathedral. It is amazing to see how well preserved and taken care of they are. It adds depth to the entire experience.


Dakovo Cathedral Interior
Credit: flickr.com

Inside of the Cathedral, in addition to the frescoes, one can find beautifully tiled pillars and a very blue tiled ceiling. These are amazing design elements that make this add richness and depth to the experience and make this Cathedral one of the best in the country. If you are coming to Croatia this trip can be made in a day from Zagreb. It is entirely worth the trip to see this spectacular Cathedral.