One of the many freedoms protected by our military is the freedom of religion. Not only are they protecting it for the citizens of the land they love, they are protecting it for themselves as well. Not everyone is of the same faith and some do not believe in a higher being at all, none the less, the freedom to believe or not to believe in a higher being is a freedom that, through the years and still today, is being fought for.

All religions, Christians and Catholics most notably, often wear pendants or medallions around their necks or keep the medal of their faith in their pockets. Each of our military members have an MOS (military occupational specialty), and has elite skills in their chosen field of service much like the Catholic religion has patron saints of specific areas. The chaplains of our military look to St. John of Capistrano for guidance. If their chosen field is in the 101st airborne paratroopers, they look to St. Michael for help. If they are in a field in which they are a drivers or sailors, St. Christopher is the one they can go to for leadership. No matter what their MOS is in the military, as Catholic Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, Sailors or Coasties, it is important to them to have a medallion of the patron saint guarding their specific career field.

Our uniformed heroes go through many trials and tribulations and often question the issues surrounding everyday life. Some of them are chosen leaders and are responsible for the lives of the men and women in which they are leading across the battlefield, while some of the women of our military may find a difficult time being a woman in the military. In these instances, one may have a medal of St. George or of Joan of Arc. This is important because their patron saint too specializes in the same field and will help guide them. Not only do they look to the saints for help, but they also look to them in thanks. If they are in a war zone and get through safely, they find comfort in knowing that they were being looked after by a saint and they will thank them for helping them get through. This is not only for war zones, but for the dealings of life in general.

Giving a member of the service who you know is of the Catholic religion a medal of the patron saint of his or her field of service as a gift is a great idea. They can clutch their medallions when the times get tough and it will remind them that they are not alone, and just like they are protecting America, their saint is looking after them. There are many military themed gifts out there, but this is one that is very meaningful and will be kept with them always. It has a deeper meaning than just a materialistic gift. It is a gift of inspiration, hope, faith and strength. If you are a veteran of our armed forces and have a medallion that you carried with you through war, or just during your time in the service, and have someone close to you currently serving, your medal could be passed down as a generational memento.

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