If you are looking for well-produced, visually and mentally stimulating way to rejuvenate your Christian beliefs or Catholic faith then the Catholicism DVD box set will give your faith a jolt in the right direction.  This well-produced collection of DVDs has been so well-received that PBS has now chosen to air four of the ten episodes and if they are well-received will air the full series of ten.  The Catholicism DVD set is inspirational in its approach, message and cinematography and will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed in your Catholic faith.  

The Catholicism DVD box set was produced by Word on Fire studios and released to DVD in August of 2011.  There are five discs total in the set and the total play time is 500 minutes with the series being available in both English and Spanish.  Fr. Robert Baron is the primary actor in the series and acts as your host throughout.  The director is Matt Leonard and the theme is geared to any religion with specific focus on Christianity and Catholicism throughout the series.

Fr. Robert Baron

The secret behind the success of the Catholicism DVD set is Fr. Robert Baron who is the primary actor throughout the Catholicism DVD series and helped to both create and host the entire series.  He was born in Illinois and first baptized into the Catholic faith at the Queen of All Saints Basilica located in Chicago.  He grew up Illinois and attended and practiced his faith at St. John of the Cross parish.  Fr. Baron has a Master’s Degree in Philosophy and a Doctorate in Sacred Theology making him knowledgeable in many fields.  He studied at the Catholic University of America located in Washington DC and then the Institute Catholique located in Paris, France.  He began his priesthood when he was ordained in 1986 and has also been working as a professor at both the University of St. Mary and Notre Dame University plus has visited and taught at numerous other universities worldwide.  He is a well-known and respected leader in his fields and recognized as an expert within the Catholic Church as well.  He is one of the few Catholic priests to have a national show on secular television which makes him a more note-worthy personality that appeals to believers and non-believers alike.  He uses all forms of social media to deliver his messages including pod casts, blogs articles and commentaries so he stays current with the times and technology.

Catholicism DVD Box

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Catholicism series

Fr. Baron uses his own life experiences and studies throughout the documentary series to enhance the experience.  When presenting the information in the series he has an outgoing, friendly personality that encourages you to engage in the series and does not involve hard-handed preaching.  He has studied extensively in the areas of art, music, architecture and history which add to each of the locations worldwide where they travel to make the series.  The director uses beautiful cinematography to show the actual locations of the points he is discussing in the series and the high impact visual imagery helps to get the point across when Fr. Baron is delivering his message.  

When filming the series Fr. Baron likes to stress that the Catholic theology has points that work for both the left brain thoughts as well as the right.  In other words there are both scientific facts about the Catholic Church as well as artistic ones.  The entire series demonstrates areas where people put the Church Gospels into everyday practice bring the teaching alive while making them relative to modern times.  The DVD series will challenge even the most critical skeptic and make them rethink their own beliefs when they see the teachings that Fr. Baron presents in the series.

Catholicism DVD Box2

The Catholicism series is a great tool for anyone who wants to have real life images of the places where Jesus Christ delivered his key messages.  Each location is strategically selected and expertly shot giving you the beautifully imagery to complement the message that Fr. Baron is delivering.  You will want to go back and re-watch each of the DVDs to make sure you don’t miss any point that is being made if you tend to be easily distracted by visual imagery.  To make sure that you don’t miss any information there is also a study guide available that will follow along with the DVDs to make sure you capture all the key messages and points that Fr. Baron is making.

When you are looking for a fun informative tool to help re-invigorate your faith or even if you just enjoy studying religion then the Catholicism DVD box set will give you hours of expert information.

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