Cattleya orchids for sale Mark Rose hybrid

Cattleya are large and showy orchids that are very popular among orchid growers. They are known as the "queen of orchids" and are often used in corsages and orchid arrangements. They are also frequently hybridized to produce new varieties, and in fact most Cattleya orchids for sale are hybrids. If you see the abbreviation Blc. in front of the orchid name, it means that the orchid is an intrageneric hybrid between the orchid genera Brassavola, Laelia and Cattleya.


Thanks to greater availability and falling prices, it is quite possible to buy cheap orchids online and even in supermarkets these days. Cattleya orchids make for great houseplants even for someone who is not an orchid enthusiast. They like temperatures of 75 to 85 F during the day and 60 to 65 F at night, and hence do very well indoors. They do like a lot light but not the direct heat of the sun, except the weaker rays of the early morning sun. Thus, a window-sill with the right sun exposure works very well for them. They like to be watered thoroughly and then left to dry out between waterings, so unless your home environment is very dry, about once a week should be plenty. In addition to their beautiful and often fragrant blooms, one aspect that makes Cattleya orchids very appealing is that many varieties bloom in the dead of winter, adding some welcome color and fragrance during the dreary winter months.

Cattleya orchid for sale hybrid

Cattleya orchids for sale

Nowadays, Cattleya orchids are widely available and their price has also come down as their popularity has soared. It is quite possible to get affordable Cattleya orchids online and in garden stores. You can get plants in bud for under $25.00. Keep in mind, though, that some of the cheaper Cattleya orchids for sale may be several years from blooming, which may be an issue if you are looking for instant gratification. While many chain home and garden stores may not carry Cattleyas, you can usually find a selection of them at more specialized garden stores. If you have a local chapter of the American Orchid Society, they are likely to have periodic orchid sales and exchanges among members, so joining the chapter might be a very good idea. And Cattleya orchids are certainly available online. is a good place to start shopping for Cattleyas and other orchids online. While you have to pay attention to the health and maturity of the plant when buying orchids online, you can get good deals on and other websites that sell orchids. One good website with links to many online orchid vendors is

Some of the most beautiful and amazing Cattleya orchids for sale (including hybrids) are as follows:


Blc. Robert Ferguson (Florida Sunset) : These beautiful orchids are hybrids of Blc. Golden Slippers and Blc. Oconee. They have pink flowers about five and a half inches in diameter. The blooms start out a light pink and become brighter as they mature. In addition to being strikingly beautiful, they are also exquisitely fragrant. They can bloom twice a year, in the fall and the spring.

Blc. Chunyeah '#17' : These Cattleya hybrids have large yellow flowers about six inches in diameter. They are round in shape and have red lips with yellow spots. They produce blooms in the late summer and fall, and have a delicate fragrance.

Blc. Taiwan Queen 'Golden Monkey' : These spectacular Cattleya hybrids have yellow flowers about five and a half inches in diameter, with red fringes and stripes on their petals and lip.


Cattleya Penang 'Black Caesar' : These are award-winning hybrids of Cattleya nigrella and Cattleya bowringiana. They produce beautifully shaped dark pink flowers 4 inches in diameter, with magenta lips with a splash of gold. Like many Cattleyas, their blooms are fragrant.


Cattleya Mark Rose : These are hybrids of Cattleya Horace 'Maxima' and Cattleya perciviliana 'Medenhall-Summit'. The blooms are pink to lavender, and bloom in the middle of winter with a sweet fragrance. They do well in bright but indirect light and are thus perfect for brightening up a window-sill during the bleak winter months.


These are just a few of the many varieties of Cattleya orchids for sale, and you can start building up your Cattleya collection with these and other varieties which will bring you joy and your friends' admiration for many years.