Adult Acne

Acne may be viewed as the affliction of the teenager, with skin conditions and acne making life miserable for upto 85% of teenagers at one time or another. What is less ordinarily known is that it can strike adults just as badly, with half of adult women stricken at some time in their adult life. Men fair better with only about one quarter condemned to this heartbreak and suffering from adult acne in this way. So as we advance through life and leave adolescence behind with all of its problems it is no guarantee that we will enjoy a acne free life. Even into our 40's and beyond, men and women can be affected by acne.

The cause of acne vary and in adults they are not researched to the same degree as they are with adolescence acne. Various theories and beliefs have been expressed such as stress causes acne, various foods cause acne, hygiene causes acne and the list could just go on. One thing is certain and that is that it can affect anyone of us.

The research that has been carried out on adult acne does point to stress being a leading cause with men along with hormonal changes. Hormones too cause acne breakouts in women, with the immediate pre-menstrual spell a particular minefield. Although the cliche is perhaps unwelcome but make up also plays its part. Women should always remove their make up at the end of the day to prevent the pores becoming clogged or blocked. This also applies to men if they choose to wear make up.

To nip the problem in the bud it is important to seek advice and to analyse your lifestyle and what you eat. It is possible to treat the condition and reduce the risk of acne scars, but firstly it would be helpful to eat more fruit and vegetables as there is little doubt that a healthy diet helps control the condition.

Ther are many over the counter treatments that will help to give you a clear skin and a few that actually help you with several natural acne products that can be used at different stages of the condition.

They involve using:

  • Oil Control Cleansing Gel
  • Acne Vanisher Mask
  • Melanin Expel Essence
  • Pore Conditioning Lotion
  • Acne Emergency Treatment Cream

The daily use of such products that have been specifically designed to combat acne from all angles ensures that with regular use all signs of acne can be removed and your skin can feel clean and fresh again.