Bloating After Eating

Do you experience bloating after eating on a regular basis? This is quite a common problem amongst individuals today and there are also many causes. When we experience bloating, we often get a tight feeling around the stomach which can also cause discomfort. Bloating usually only lasts a few hours but it is important to find out what is causing your pain and what you can do to avoid it.

Some other symptoms that you may get when you are bloated are shortness of breath, tight chest and back, flatulence and also gas in the stomach. Here are the most common causes of bloating after eating.

Eating Habits: Eating the wrong types of foods such as oily foods, eating your food too quickly or also eating large portions of food can give you symptoms of bloating. It is best to eat a healthy balanced diet and split up your meals through out the day. If you do not chew your food correctly it can slow down the digestion process which usually causes gas and bloating in the stomach.

Foods That Cause Bloating: There are many foods that can give you symptoms of bloating such as dairy products, processed foods, onions, cabbage and sometimes fruits such as banana and apples. If you notice bloating after eating these types of food it is best to avoid them.

Food Sensitivity: In some people, you will find that their body is sensitive to certain foods such as eggs, peanuts, dairy products and shellfish. You should also avoid these types of foods as well.

Bed Rest After Eating: You should never lie down after eating, as this may cause regular bloating. A great way to reduce bloating is by taking a short walk.

Stress: Too much stress can cause bloating in the stomach. It is important that you reduce the stress in your personal life and also take time out to do relaxation exercises. This can help reduce your symptoms over time.

Fizzy Drinks: Drinking too many carbonated drinks can cause gas and bloating. Instead of drinking surgary drinks, try to drink water instead which will also help you digest your food much better.

Bloating After Eating

Medical Disorders: There are certain medical disorders that can cause bloating such as IBS also known as irritable bowel syndrome. There are many medications and natural treatments that you can follow to help with these symptoms. If bloating does become quite severe, it is extremely important to let your doctor know about it as there may be other treatments to help with your discomfort.

To prevent bloating after eating, it is recommended to strengthen your digestive system by taking a probiotic, make sure to chew your food properly, eat foods that are high in vitamins such as fresh fruit and vegetables and also take digestive enzymes which can help with the digestion process. Digestive enzymes should be taken before every meal for best results.You should also exercise on a regular basis and eat a healthy diet. By doing this, you will be reducing the symptoms of bloating after eating.