It is completely normal for people to people to begin to grow grey hair in their life. This happens to most people around the age of 40. Not necessarily every person will begin to grow grey hair around this age. There are many different factors that can effect when a person's hair begins to grey.

There are a lot of methods that can be found online for preventing or curing grey hair. While outright curing gray hair is unrealistic you may be able to find methods to slow the process or to cover it up.

There are many causes of grey hair. The ancients believed that grey was caused by the growth of wisdom. While this may be true in a backwards sense, it is not the explanation that is accepted today. Today we know that the follicles of the hair begin to lose the ability to create the colored pigment in the hair. This pigment is called melanin. There are stem cells at the base of the hair follicle that grow into cells called melanocytes. Melanocytes are responsible for the creation of the pigment in both skin and hair. When the stem cells that create melanocytes begin to die, which happens as when we get older, our hair begins to turn grey.

There are many factors that can cause hair to begin to grey before they are naturally supposed to. Premature grey hair can be caused by a number of things including heredity, smoking, stress, anxiety levels, and drug use. If you are worried about greying hair and you smoke you might consider stopping smoking. As you probably know smoking has a negative effect on your overall health as well.

There are also genetic traits that can be inherit that cause premature greying of the hair. This can even cause some people to have grey or white hair in childhood. There are two genes that are likely responsible for the process of hair graying. These are Bxl2 and Bxl-w.

A few things can be done to slow or prevent the greying of hair. It is wishful thinking however to think that you will never get gray hair. You can delay this process by avoiding stress and tension. While this may not be possible because the pace of modern life can be extremely stressful there are a few things you can do. The two main ones are good sleeping and eating habits. These will not only lessen your chance of premature grey hair, but they will also improve the general quality of your life.