Hair Loss In Women
can be very embarrassing and you may become self conscious at times. There are many known causes of this condition in women which can effect you at any age. By following a few of these tips below, you may find a treatment that works for you.

It is normal to lose up to 100-150 strands per day, just by brushing or combing your hair. This may sound quite a lot especially if you have long hair, but you have to remember that your scalp is made up of hundreds and hundreds of strands and losing 100 a day is not much at all.

A good sign that you may have a problem with hair loss is when clumps of hair fall out at one time or you see round patches on the scalp. That is why it is very important that you find out what is causing your hair loss, as each treatment is different.

Causes For Hair Loss In Women Are:

Hair Loss in Women

* An unhealthy/unbalanced diet - Any individual who does not eat a balanced diet and especially does not eat enough protein can see an increase in hair loss. It is also known that a body low in iron can also cause symptoms. Making sure that your body is not low in any minerals can help prevent this condition. The best way to find out is to do a blood test and also have regular check ups from your doctor.

* Menopause - The change in hormones when menopause strikes can cause thinning of hair or hair loss in women. Another common cause when a female has menopause is low thyroid levels, it is important that you get it checked out by your doctor as you may need to take some medication which can help stop hair loss from occuring.

* Excessive Shampooing - Many shampoos contain surfactant, which is a lathering agent. If used too often it can cause the scalp to become dry and irritation may occur. If you also suffer from dandruff or dermatitis on your scalp, this can also cause thinning of the hair. Try to use natural and organic products that do not contain too many harsh chemicals.

* Heat - Using heat appliances such as a blow dryer, curling irons and hair straighteners can also make your hair fall out, so it is important not to use these hair appliances every day. Also using hair color treatment too often can cause thinning of the hair.

* Stress - Heavy work load, death in the family, money issues or even pregnancy can cause this type of condition, but it usually grows back when the stress in your life has disappeared. By introducing stress free exercises such as yoga or meditation, you should see improvements.

* Health Issues - Diabetes and thyroid problems can increase the chances of getting hair loss. Always have regular check ups with your family doctor.

* Alopecia - This is an auto immune disease which attacks the hair follicles on your scalp. When this disorder is caught early cortisone injections may help with this condition.

Taking Vitamins such as A, B and C can help improve your hair. Vitamin A and C contain antioxidants which can help keep the scalp healthy and Vitamin  B contains niacin which can help increase circulation in the scalp and promote good hair growth.

An effective product that works well with women who experience hair loss is Provillus. It works by blocking DHT, which is often said to be the cause of hair loss. This type of treatment is the best supplement you can take to prevent hair loss.