If you have been experiencing back pain you will want to know what has been causing this so that you can address the cause and get back pain relief.Backache may not be simply caused by a strain in the muscles, as there are various causes of backache that people should definitely be aware of.  Having a backache can definitely be very uncomfortable and it can truly interfere with a lot of your daily activities. Once you feel any kind of pain in your back, you should definitely learn how you can address it immediately.

Here are some of the most common causes of backaches:

Muscle Strain

One of the most common and most diagnosed causes of backache is muscle strain or what is also known as ligament strain. Muscle strain usually happens when a person puts too much pressure and trauma onto the muscles. This happens during the performance of strenuous activities. Some of the usual activities that would often lead to muscle strain development are heavy weight lifting together with other kinds of extreme sports.

Aside from these, sudden change in movement can also contribute to the development of muscle strain which can definitely cause a backache. One common example of a sudden movement is the tendency to proceed to exercise or work out without stretching. Stretching is very important because it will serve as the preparation of your muscles before you actually expose them to intense activities. Without proper stretching, the muscles would end up being easily torn and would definitely develop strain leading to backache.


Another of the most common causes of backache is the condition known as osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is described as the degeneration of the integrity and quality of bones leading them to become very brittle and porous through aging. One of the most crucial parts of the body affected by osteoporosis is the spinal area.

This can be more prone to fracture once there is osteoporosis. Once there are fractures or dislocations in the said area, the surrounding nerves will be greatly affected, thus leading to the existence of pain in varying degrees of severity. The spinal area is known to be a location that has a lot of nerves it, thus a fracture in this  area can definitely cause a lot of pain.

Bulging of the Spinal Discs

The spinal cord is made up of bones or vertebrae together with disks that serve as cushions for each of the bone segments to be intact as they connect to each other. One of the most common causes of the development of backache is the bulging of the spinal disks or the cushions of the vertebrae. The soft material in form of a disk can sometimes be dislodged or be pushed out of their places due to several factors.

Trauma and pressure can cause these disks to be moved out of their places. Once this happens, there is a high chance that the bulging disk or even a ruptured one, could be able to hit a nerve and eventually cause backache. The bulging or the herniation of the disks can be detected by means of X-ray and other scans, which can help the doctors visualize the contour and integrity of the entire spinal cord altogether with the placement of the disks in their right locations.

Bone Abnormalities

Aside from the previously stated medical conditions, some causes of the development of backache can be attributed to abnormalities in the bone. There could be instances wherein the spine ends up being distorted or curved in a very unusual way. There are different spinal abnormality conditions that can cause backaches.

One of the most common spinal abnormalities is scoliosis. Scoliosis is described as the abnormal curvature of the spine to the side. Aside from scoliosis, other spinal abnormalities may include kyphosis and lordosis. Aside from mere physical examination and observation of the spine, visual imaging scans can also be used to diagnose the spinal problem. Most of the time, severe spinal abnormalities are the one that are associated with intolerable types of backaches.

Trauma and Injury

Trauma and injury can also be considered to be one of the most common causes of backache. It is not necessary to have a broken bone before you can actually experience backache. Sometimes, even simple trauma and too much pressure on the muscles and bones can cause backache. Together with trauma and injury, positioning can actually cause backache as well. Most of the time, people disregard the importance of proper posture in walking, sitting and even in sleeping. If you tend to expose your bones or muscles to a very uncomfortable position for a long period of time, there is definitely a great chance that you will experience backache.

You have to remember that variation in position is necessary for you to avoid backache. If you have been sitting for a long period of time, try to spend some moments to do simple exercises to remove the strain caused to your muscles. Regular exercises can be very helpful when it comes to preventing back pain.

Through proper exercise, you can ensure that your muscles together with your bones will always be prepared to handle different activities throughout the day. Weight loss is also helpful to be able to help you avoid backache. Too much weight can cause strain on your muscles as you perform different activities thus weight reduction is highly advisable to be able to avoid backache.

These are just some of the most common causes of backaches that most people should definitely be more aware of. Such types of pain can occur in different locations of the back and can vary depending upon the severity and nerve involvement. As soon as you are able to feel any kind of backache, it is important that you be able to properly identify the cause so that you will have more understanding on how to treat this condition and eventually relieve the pain that you have been experiencing. These five causes of backache will definitely give you an idea on how to treat back pain and how to avoid it.