I'm pretty sure that all of us at some point in our lives experienced halitosis; a condition to describe noticeably unpleasant smell when exhaled during breathing or commonly known as bad breath. Regardless whether we experienced bad breath when we are adults or when we were children, it's pretty much an embarrassing thing to happen. So, what are some of the common causes of bad breath in our daily lives and how do we prevent it?

The morning breath syndrome
I'm pretty sure many of us would wake up in the morning and notice a slight foul smell coming from our mouth. For those who does not realise this, you should probably take note of this, cause everyone will experience bad breath in the morning, some pretty severe while some pretty mild. The reason our mouth usually smell bad in the morning, even if we brush our teeth the night before is because when we're sleeping, less saliva is being produced. This encourages bacteria to breed hence causing us to experience bad breath in the morning. The only way to prevent this is by brushing our teeth every morning.

Mind what you eat
When it comes to eating, all of us are guilty. When was the last time where we stopped ourselves from eating food that will make our breath stinks afterwards? Instead, we would focus on the type of food we eat, its calorie content, and nutritional value. There are many kinds of food that will affect our breath but those in particular that we should avoid are those with strong aromatic flavors such as garlic or onions. Foods that contains ingredients such as meat, sugar, high-fat, spices and dairy should also be avoided if possible. The reason these foods would affect our breathing is because when we eat, saliva will automatically get to work, but once the food is absorbed into the blood steam, within 3 to 4 hours, we would be exhaling the odor via our lungs.

Have you really cleaned your mouth?
We are always taught to brush our teeth and use mouth wash to prevent bad breath but what most people forget to mention is, sometimes your tongue need some cleaning too. For serving as our taste bud, our tongue surface collects food particles, bacteria and post-nasal drip like a sticky tape and over a period of time, this amount will be collected to the point where our breath will always smell regardless if we have brushed our teeth or used mouth wash. Although using toothbrush is fine, we should always try to use a proper tongue cleaner or scraper cause the bristles of a toothbrush wasn't design to scrape off the sludge collected on the surface of our tongue.

These are some of the common causes of bad breaths, there are some bad breaths that are dangerous and could be harmful to your health. So, if you're still getting bad breaths other than those mentioned above, it's advisable to pay a visit to the nearest dentist. To sum it all up, to prevent bad breath, one should make it a routine to brush teeth after waking up and after each meal if possible, use mouthwash twice daily and occasionally clean the tongue. Doing this 3 simple routines will definitely help you to prevent any embarrassing moment cause of bad breath.