The causes of bipolar cannot be pin pointed to one exact thing. Many medical professionals state that the disease is caused by a number of reasons. Bipolar is also known as manic depression which many doctors feel is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. This chemical imbalance may be caused by hereditary and environmental triggers. Studies have shown that persons whose immediate family member i.e. father, mother, sisters or brothers have bipolar disorder have a greater chance of getting the disorder. The closer the genetic makeup an individual has with a person who has bipolar, then the greater the chances of getting the disease. There is great evidence to support the belief that bipolar can be inherited. Research has also found some causes of bipolar to be environmental.

These environmental causes range from stress, death of a close family member or friend and even birth to a child. Any event that causes an individual to become stressed to the point of becoming depressed is a possible cause of bipolar. How an individual deals with stress is another important factor that plays in to the causes of bipolar. If one is unable to effectively deal with stress which is a part of life then the more likely it is that they can develop bipolar.

Doctors and researchers have come up with a combination of causes of bipolar which can explain different triggers of the disease. They have combined the genetic and environmental causes and come up with one general explanation. They believe that some individuals are born with a hereditary gene which when triggered by an environmental stress inducer results in the individual developing bipolar. For example a person can inherit genes from their mother or father which makes them prone to developing a mental illness.

When this person is faced with a stressful event or occurrence such as a death in the family or loss of a job or a divorce then they are unable to cope and this triggers a chemical imbalance in the brain resulting in them developing bipolar. This explanation can be regarded as causes of bipolar but further research is being carried out to find out a concrete and specific explanation for this disease. Finding the causes of bipolar would enable researchers, doctors and medical practitioners to come up with better treatments for the disease especially in severe cases. Treatment can only be based on sound scientific proof.